Rom. 11:33 ¶ Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!

Paul describes the riches of God as so vast that they are untraceable. Have you ever been lost before? It can be quite daunting. Parris and I had one of those “untraceable” experiences on our trip to California after we were first married. Of course that was way before cell phones or GPS or anything like that, and we were hopelessly lost. I don’t know if we went through Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, or all of the above; but we were lost. You could say our route was untraceable. We ultimately found an interstate and got our bearings but it was quite a little journey. Paul is saying that the wisdom and virtues of God are so immense that they are impossible to trace. It’s like getting lost in the Alps, there is no way to begin to see it all. In this life we catch glimpses and are overwhelmed, in the world to come we will have all eternity to explore the depths of the riches of His love. Here is how Wuest describes this untraceable path.

“Godet says; “Like a traveller who has reached the summit of an Alpine ascent, the apostle turns and contemplates. Depths are at his feet, but waves of light illumine them, and there spreads all around an immense horizon which his eye commands.” Robertson comments; “Paul’s argument concerning God’s elective grace and goodness has carried him to the heights, and now he pauses on the edge of the precipice as he contemplates God’s wisdom and knowledge, fully conscious of his inability to sound the bottom with the plummet of human reason and words. “Past finding out” is anexichniastos, “that which cannot be traced out.” Vincent translates, “that which cannot be tracked out.” The word could be used of a blood-hound who found it impossible to follow the scent of a criminal, or of a guide who could not trace out or follow a poorly marked path in the woods.”
So have you found yourself on this untraceable road? The difference in this road and the ones we are lost on in this life is quite profound. This is a good kind of lost, lost in God’s love. Once you find this untraceable path you will settle for no other journey.

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