Matt. 14:14 And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick.

Yesterday was quite a day. I watched as people as Victory Fellowship, and volunteers from other churches and ministries, spent the day pouring out God’s love. They were washing feet and giving out new pairs of shoes, they were spending time loving the elderly with conversation and prayer, they wee serving thousands of plates of food, and also washing and cutting hair for hours. There was also manicures, playing with the kids, and musicians and singers worshipping God for hours. It was quite amazing. My wife Parris and I were talking last night and were amazed at the hundreds of volunteers who gave up their holiday and served in the heat all day; with joy. Then you can’t forget the zeal of the youth that come from Ohio every year and the pastor and team that come fro Wisconsin each July 4 just to serve. It just doesn’t make sense unless… Unless you understand today’s verse, they were moved with compassion. Here is how Charles Spurgeon describes Jesus response to the crowd in today’s scripture.
“When he left the boat and went forth, our Lord found a congregation waiting for him. In the most emphatic sense he saw the people, and at the sight he was burdened. He was not angry at the great multitude, nor did he show disappointment at being balked in his pursuit of quiet; but he was moved with compassion. The original word is very expressive: his whole being was stirred to its lowest depth, and therefore he proceeded at once to work miracles of mercy among them. They came unasked, he received them tenderly, he blessed them graciously, and at length fed them bountifully. He was as a stag that fled from the huntsmen; but they had overtaken him, and he yielded himself to them. To those who needed him most he attended first: “He healed their sick”! Lord, heal thou me, for I am sick in soul, if not in body!”
That’s the only thing that describes this kind of joyful serving, something stirred Jesus and us with something very deep, it was and is the love of God. That’s why Feed the Multitudes is so special, people are loving people. It wasn’t about who gets the glory or who has the microphone, Christians were moved with compassion and just want to love people the way God has loved them. So all I can say today is thank you. Thank you Lord for this opportunity you keep giving our church, thank you Victory Fellowship for serving with joy, and thank you volunteers for your kindness and support, AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE DONORS WHO MAKE THIS EVENT POSSIBLE. See you there next year !!!

3 Replies to “THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR FTM 2016 ”

  1. What a blessing it was to serve yesterday. To God be the glory I connected with my “one” and what a sweet blessing that was as well.

  2. My first time attending FTM….YOU were right….God’s love and light shown through all the people. Especially those who obviously don’t get treated this special often. GOD BLESS THIS CHURCH BODY OF CHRIST!
    See YOU there next year….God willing I will be one of the “helpers”!

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