“There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?” John 6:9
The Bible is full of so many unnoticed people that seem to pop in out of nowhere. Can you imagine being the women that touched the hem of Christ’s garments, or the boy that was raised from the dead at Nain? Did they finish strong? I believe the touch of the Master’s hand changes us forever!

Have you’ve ever been judged as insufficient? I have such a silly story about the time I tried out for the chorus at grade school. There I was, standing in front of the teacher trying to sing, “my country tis of thee” when her next words were——“NEXT!” Yes, in a lot of ways, that really summed up my life as a child, until Christ stepped in of course. Andrew saw this little boy and just shrugged him off with a comment of “what is this among so many?” Sometimes our candle appears to be snuffed out, but the Lord hadn’t finished with the biscuits and sardines! Yes there is another side of the story! There was a monk named Luther, who, while he was reading his Bible, suddenly stumbled onto the doctrine of justification by faith; yet when he went to a dear brother in the Lord, and told him how he felt, his friend said to him, “Go back to thy cell, and pray and commune with God, and hold thy tongue.” You see he had a tongue that he could not hold, and that nobody else could hold, and he began to speak with it the truth that changed the world. Spurgeon said it right when he said, “The disproportion is enormous: if each one should have only the tiniest crumb, there would not be sufficient. But the Lord Jesus was equal to the emergency: none of the people went away without sharing in his bounty; they were all filled.”

Most of us really just have very little to give but when put into the Master’s hand in due time He will put into His service. That little boy could have backed away and kept the little he had all to himself and listened to the voice of reason that says, “you never could do anything——NEXT!”

But I am here just to be a voice to your small little insufficient lunch you brought today- never despise the day of small beginnings!


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