We have no more than five loaves and two fishes; except we should go and buy food for all this people. Luke 9:13

Sometimes only a miracle will do. It seems like the Lord takes pleasure in bringing us to places in our lives where only a miracle will do. It’s not that He delights in our struggles, it’s just that He likes us to need Him and to show off His greatness. The feeding of the 5000 is the classic example of this. The disciples were far away from any stores, there was no food (except for a little boy’s lunch), and they were fresh out of cash. Sounds like a good place for a miracle. Andrew brought a little boy’s lunch to Jesus and before you know it thousands of people were eating and laughing together in the countryside. Suddenly the tough spot was a happy spot. That is exactly what the Lord loves to do. Here are some thoughts from Watchman Nee on this story.
“When Jesus said “Give ye them to eat,” it was not because He expected His disciples to have a plan, but because He wanted them to expect a miracle. Like us, however, they chose the easier way, the way which does not require the exercise of faith or prayer. Their solution was to “go and buy.” It was a proposal unworthy of disciples; it could as well have been made by Pharisees or even Sadducees. It displayed no faith, no trust in Him. As John’s Gospel makes plain, their thoughts were on their pockets. They had not enough money!

We only see what we can do. We shut our eyes to God and His inexhaustible resources. But God is not to be measured by us. Never mind what we can or cannot do; He is waiting to show us His miracles.”
That is the problem in a nutshell, we look at what we can do rather than what God can do. No wonder the Lord brings us into tight places; it’s as if He is crying out, “Hey, look over here. Look to Me. I can handle this!” What kind of situation are you in today that is just beyond anything you can do to fix it? If that’s you, offer whatever you have to the Lord and see what He can do. Maybe it could be as simple as serving at Feed the Multitudes this year. You never know, that could be the beginning of your breakthrough.

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