The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.
What is the difference between pride and confidence? To the casual observer they may look almost alike. With a closer examination you will begin to see that they are just about opposite of each other. Pride is confidence placed in human talent, wisdom, or resources. Pride is a deception and always ends up in a let down. Confidence, from David’s perspective, is focused on the strength and wisdom of the Lord. It is Christ in us that perfects us. It’s not excellence in human ability but it is God Himself working in us. Seeing the work of Christ produces a humility in us that is based on confidence in the Lord. A gaze focused on ourselves and our own resources is blinded by pride and ends in some form of destruction. Charles Spurgeon taught powerfully about being confident in the Lord to perfect his work in us.

“Most manifestly the confidence which the Psalmist here expressed was a divine confidence. He did not say, I have grace enough to perfect that which concerns me-my faith is so steady that it will not stagger-my love is so warm that it will never grow cold-my resolution is so firm that nothing can move it; no, his dependence was on the Lord alone. If we indulge in any confidence which is not grounded on the Rock of ages, our confidence is worse than a dream, it will fall upon us, and cover us with its ruins, to our sorrow and confusion. All that Nature spins time will unravel, to the eternal confusion of all who are clothed therein. The Psalmist was wise, he rested upon nothing short of the Lord’s work. It is the Lord who has begun the good work within us; it is he who has carried it on; and if he does not finish it, it never will be complete.”
So I have two questions for you; first, are you being perfected or are you in a place of spiritual stagnancy. Recently, the Lord challenged me to draw near again that He can continue His work of perfection in my life. All of us tend to grow stagnant but thankfully the Lord is persistent, He wants perfection. Secondly, what are you looking to for your source of confidence. Trusting in how wonderful you are is never good; looking to Christ in total dependency is the way of safety and total transformation.




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