John 1:16 For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.

What an amazing life, living off of the fullness of God. The surprising thing to me is this, how few Christians know that this is even an option. Rather than fullness of grace, grace becomes an escape clause to give us an out so that we aren’t bothered by holiness. We go along like the lost of this world satisfied with scraps when the banquet table is ready and waiting for us. Rather than grace giving us access to a life of fullness we use it to deflect and to make excuses for compromise. Come on now, step into a better life, step into this grace upon grace. Here are some thoughts from Matthew Henry on grace upon grace.
“The fulness of this grace. Grace for grace is abundance of grace, grace upon grace, one grace heaped upon another; as skin for skin is skin after skin, even all that a man has, Job ii. 4. It is a blessing poured out, that there shall not be room to receive it, plenteous redemption: one grace a pledge of more grace. It is such a fulness as is called the fulness of God which we are filled with. We are not straitened in the grace of Christ, if we be not straitened in our own bosoms.”
Henry viewed grace as life itself, our bosoms overflowing with God. Check out Albert Barnes’ thoughts on this verse.

“The meaning is, probably, simply that we have received through him abundance of grace or favor. The Hebrews, in expressing the superlative degree of comparison, used simply to repeat the word—thus, “pits, pits,” meaning many pits. So here grace for grace may mean much grace; superlative favors bestowed on man; favors superior to all that had been under the law—superior to all other things that God can confer on men. These favors consist in pardon, redemption, protection, sanctification, peace here, and heaven hereafter.”
Check out that list of favors; redemption from sin, protection from my enemies, peace in my soul, and heaven after everything. This is grace upon grace. Don’t be satisfied with the life of this world, refuse to live like the lost. Abundance of grace is your portion; start living in it today. How can you start? Drink in His love, delight in His promises, grace upon grace is your portion.

2 Replies to “OF HIS FULLNESS”

  1. This is kind of like being invited to Commanders Palace and having never been there, going through the Mc Donalds drive thru to load up on chicken Mc Nuggets on the way because your afraid of what the food might taste like, never having been there.

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