Rev. 7:17 for the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will shepherd them and lead them to living fountains of waters. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

Man is more goofed up than many of us realize. We may think, especially in our youth, how together our life really is. For many of us our arrogance quickly brings us to our end, thank God! It is in that place of brokenness that we often hear the first whispers of His love calling us near. I remember hearing Him calling me often but I would shrink back not really feeling good enough to approach this holy God. Thankfully the Lord is relentless, His love keeps pursuing and calling and wooing us into His care. It was finally His greatest display of love that captured my heart. In a moment I saw His love portrayed at the crucifixion. Christ died to save sinners, not the righteous. Jesus died to offer His love to me. My resistance weakened as the voice of love called again, He captured my heart and called me into His care. Today His love still calls me near. I not only needed Him to start this journey, I need Him everyday to continue. Recently I was introduced to the poetry of George Herbert. I hope you enjoy this poem called LOVE III.


“Love bade me welcome: yet my soul drew back,

Guiltie of dust and sinne.

But quick-ey’d Love, observing me grow slack

From my first entrance in,

Drew nearer to me, sweetly questioning

If I lack’d any thing.

A guest, I answer’d, worthy to be here:

Love said, you shall be he.

I the unkinde, ungratefull? Ah my deare,

I cannot look on thee.

Love took my hand, and smiling did reply,

Who made the eyes but I?

Truth Lord, but I have marr’d them: let my shame

Go where it doth deserve.

And know you not, sayes Love, who bore the blame?

My deare, then I will serve.

You must sit down, sayes Love, and taste my meat:

So I did sit and eat.”

What a beautiful picture of total dependency throughout our spiritual life. Love calls us to Himself. Love gives us eyes to see His work for us, especially the work of the cross. Love also calls us to sit at His table. Even after redemption from our sins He wants us to sit down and let Him serve us. WE are totally dependent on His love. Finally seeing this can drive pride and self confidence far from us. Go ahead, sit down at LOVE’S table and enjoy the feast.

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