HEB. 7:25 Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.

When Jesus was on earth not everyone recognized who He was. There He was, Creator of all things, walking amongst them an they didn’t have a clue. Haven’t you ever wondered about that? You probably came to the conclusion, ‘that wouldn’t be me, I would have recognized Him’. Oh really! Think about this, Jesus, the man, is still alive and still has a vital ministry. He is at the Father’s right hand representing fallen man as a perfect man. Have you acknowledged His heavenly ministry. Knowing Christ in this way is the only way to secure that life as more than a conqueror right here right now. Don’t be that clueless one, the one who doesn’t even notice His current ministry designed to be a blessing to you. Here are some comments from Charles Spurgeon on today’s blog.

“…because He abideth for ever, because there is never a single moment in which His priestly action, His watchful care of us, His loving sympathy and succour, His working in us in the power of our endless life, is not in full operation. Therefore He can save completely, that is, there need never be a moment in which the experience of His saving power is intermitted, in which the salvation He has wrought does not save. To confirm this, it is added, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them. Without ceasing there streams forth from Him to the Father the prayer of His love for every one and every need. “of those that belong to Him; His very person and presence is that prayer, so closely and so inseparably is He identified with those He calls His brethren. And without ceasing there streams forth to Him from the Father the answer of His good pleasure, and the power of the Holy Spirit, bearing that answer.”

Seeing this is really incredible; Jesus represents me before the Father. By faith I access this place, after all I am seated together in heavenly places with Christ. This is what was purchased for me at the cross, access into the holiest of all. I have this access to life in the Father’s presence in Christ. This is where I find power, healing, provision, protection, and life itself.

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