Psalm 77:10 “I will remember the years of the right hand of the Most High”
A few weeks ago, our church had a prayer conference and after hearing from all the wonderful speakers I decided to leave my notes and open up about my personal prayer life when it came my turn to speak. I closed my eyes and started with how I start my prayer “remembering the years the Lord has brought me through and his works from old”. I really don’t know how unbelievers make it through this world, I know except for the grace of God, I wouldn’t have been alive. For me, to be able to “paint a tapestry of grace” over my life in prayer has been my life source for over 43 years. What have you been painting these days?
One commentary in referring to Ps. 77 used the term, “I digged into my spirit”. (John Collins)

Adam Clark said, “My spirit made diligent search.” The verb חפשׂ, chaphas, signifies such an investigation as a man makes who is obliged to strip himself in order to do it; or, to lift up coverings, to search fold by fold, or in our own phrase, to leave no stone unturned. So how has your prayer life been of late? I love to rehearse the works of God that he has done over me throughout my life. Someone would have to be blind, deaf, dumb, and downright stupid to not admit the hand of God over us. As Jesus said, ‘the blind lead the blind’.
I pray that you are not just going through the motions of life, but realizing that he is “coloring your world with his love”. I love to say, create a grid recalling the acts of God over you life. Thomas Adams says, To concentrate on ” Not the moments, nor the hours, nor days of a few short afflictions, that his left hand hath dealt to me: but the “years of his right hand;” those long, large, and boundless mercies wherewith he hath comforted me.” I pray you remain quite aware of the grace of God upon your life.
He paints the sky with his wonders, he walks upon the seas and he embraces you as you journey through life. I pray as your close your eyes in prayer, you see the “other world”.


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