2Cor. 5:21 For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

Has your heart ever wandered during the preaching at church? How about during private prayer or even Bible reading? What is that? Do you ever long to have a passion for God and His word? Remember the days when you hung on every word and expectancy was part of your daily life? This problem has been around from the beginning. Humans, without the sway of grace, deteriorate quickly into a backslidden bog. There is good news in reference to this, the Lord is faithful to send times of refreshing to His people. This refreshing awakens our first love; everything takes on a new passion. The worship, the preaching; even prayer and Bible study are occasions of great joy. Here is a short testimony from Hannah Heaton, a Connecticut farm woman effected by the ministry of George Whitefield.

“Hearing Whitefield preach began a conversion ordeal for Hannah Heaton, too, a farm woman of North Haven, Connecticut. Whitefield delivered “preaching as I never heard before,” she “wrote, as he explicated the marks of an unconverted person. Did the audience members’ minds ever wander to worldly business as they sat through long church services? Did they struggle to devote even one day exclusively to the Lord? “How could you endure to be in heaven with him forever where nothing but praises are?” he asked. Heaton, stricken with guilt, knew that her attention often drifted during Sunday meetings. “I began to think my nature must be changed but how to attain it I knew not,” she wrote. She struggled for another eight months to discover the way to salvation. Finally, she received a brilliant vision of Christ, “a lovely God man with his arms open ready to receive me.” Full of praise and thanksgiving, she knew that Christ would pardon her sins.”
Christ has revealed Himself to His people for thousands of years. Do you think He is about to stop now? Absolutely not!!!! Just as He revealed Himself to Hannah Heaton hundreds of years ago He is still here, revealing Himself to us, in us, and through us. If you are honest with yourself, maybe you too feel a little disinterested and unenthused about heavenly things. If so, get in the fire. Get to a place, a church, where the fire is burning. You need more than a few practical thoughts about being a better person, you may need a brand new heart.

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