Who giveth us richly all things to enjoy.
1 Timothy 6:17
The blessings and the benefits that flow from the Lord are limitless. Think about it, the Creator of all things!!! How could He ever run out of anything. This creation that we are a small speck of is apparently limitless. Creation is a display of the greatness and infinite nature of God. If you are His child, these eternal resources are at your disposal. His love never ceases, His blessings never run out, His benefits just keep coming. Human love has limitations, our resources run out, our ability to bless others falls miserably short. Our God is like a fountain that never diminishes; the more He gives there is still an infinite supply available. Here is how Charles Spurgeon describes this characteristic of our God.
“Who can know the number of his benefits, or recount the list of his bounties? Every sand which drops from the glass of time is but the tardy follower of a myriad of mercies. The wings of our hours are covered with the silver of his kindness, and with the yellow gold of his affection. The river of time bears from the mountains of eternity the golden sands of his favour. The countless stars are but as the standard bearers of a more innumerable host of blessings. Who can count the dust of the benefits which he bestows on Jacob, or tell the number of the fourth part of his mercies towards Israel? How shall my soul extol him who daily loadeth us with benefits, and who crowneth us with loving-kindness? O that my praise could be as ceaseless as his bounty! O miserable tongue, how canst thou be silent? Wake up, I pray thee, lest I call thee no more my glory, but my shame. Awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake right early.”
What kind of lack are you facing in your life? Are you in need of wisdom? Our God is a fountain of wisdom. Are you facing financial lack or crisis? The resources and benevolence of our God is like a mighty flowing river of abundance. Maybe you feel abandoned or rejected. The love of God is like an ocean, it is deeper than any hurt you may be experiencing in your life. How can you benefit from stream of goodness that never stops. It’s simpler but harder than you can imagine. All it takes is humility, humble yourself and acknowledge your need and dependency of the Lord. All that is left is to step in, step into His love.

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