Psa. 59:10 The God of my mercy shall prevent me: God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.

Sometimes, the real meaning of scripture can be lost in the translation. In today’s verse, the old King James Bible catches the sense of the meaning better than the modern translations. It uses a word “prevent” that we don’t use in the same way today. In the days when the KJV was translated, prevent meant this:
Prevent –

a : to be in readiness for (as an occasion)

b : to meet or satisfy in advance

c : to act ahead of

d : to go or arrive before

In Strong’s lexicon the word prevent – qadam – is defined like this:
qadam, kaw-dam´; a primitive root; to project (one self), i.e. precede; hence, to anticipate, hasten, meet

This phrase describes God’s merciful intervention in our goofed up lives. He has rescued us from ourselves John Spalding spoke about the blessing of God’s “prevention” in his comments in 1703.
“The God of my mercy shall prevent me. Oh, how the saints sing of the love of Christ! Oh, how they sing that this love was not moved by worthiness, and it disdains all hire and price, but loves Him because he loves us! De 7:8. O sing of his wonderful love, and of the prevention of this love of Christ: The God of my mercy shall prevent me.
It prevents thy love to him. 1 Jo 4:19. We love God, because he first loved us.
2. It prevents our sins, as in Paul’s case. Ac 9:3: And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven.
3. It prevents our calamities. Ps 79:8; Let thy tender mercies speedily prevent us.
4. It prevents our endeavours. The God of my mercy shall prevent me.”
First, we had no way to love God in our fallen state. It was His love that converted us and helped us to love Him. Secondly, like Paul, we were breathing out a lifestyle of sin. His love saved us and kept us from continuing in our path of sin. Next, He intervened and prevented our calamities. Our sins were bringing more and more destruction into our lives. His mercy prevented all of that. Finally, He prevented me from my own works. I was trying to “fix” my own life with my own devices. Thankfully the God of mercy has prevented all of that.

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