I grew up in a time where TV watching didn’t happen much. First of all, it was in black and white and my dad had first dibs. When I wasn’t outside exploring in the woods, I loved to sit down and read a good book. Maybe one of the very few “gifts” I feel I have, is the ability to read well and I thank God for the gift that was given me. I have fond memories of Little Women, Green Dolphin Street and Black Beauty among a few. Only because each of these books were given to me by special people in my life. So when I became born again, the passion for reading the Bible ramped up even more. I feel it was the one thing in my life that would remain constant. The stories in the Old Testament intrigued me and the New Testament especially Paul challenged me. Being a Christian without staying in the Word of God, is like leaving the compass behind on a trip. You will get lost, period.

I couldn’t agree with Spurgeon more when he said, “I look not upon the Scriptures as a harp that once was played by skillful fingers and is now hung up as a memorial upon the wall. No, they are an instrument of ten strings still in the minstrel’s hand, still filling the temple of the Lord with divine music, which those who have ears to hear delight to listen to. Holy Scripture is an Aeolian Harp, through which the blessed wind of the Spirit is always sweeping and creating mystic music such as no man’s ears shall hear elsewhere, nor hear even there indeed, unless they have been opened by the healing touch of the Great Physician. The Holy Spirit is the word, and the word is, therefore, living truth. Be assured of this, and because of it, take the word as your chosen weapon of war.”

We can babble all day with our own beliefs in this or that, argue about the next person being voted into office and howl at the moon. Haha – but at the end of the day, stay in the Word. It will guide you to the end-Christ Himself.

Even Christ when he was faced with a bunch of lies from Satan himself, immediately said “it is written”. Jesus even knew that his own theories or empty speeches wouldn’t get the devil off his back. And did Jesus even know the scripture? He saturated himself in it —it was his daily food and the compass that set him on the right course. I pray my friends that you too would fall in love with what He has to say!

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  1. Coming from the opposite end of the reading spectrum, reading was like having to eat liver or punishment for doing something wrong at school. I had never realized any benefit to reading, and associated it to studying, and in my teens could not wait until that was over and done with. Being one of five, I was the only one who never went to, and finished college. When I met Jesus at 21, I could not help but read my new bible, but after a few years, it became a dust collector. It wasn’t until I had my own prodigal son experience, that I realized the only way to stay “saturated” included, breaking through the reading barrier and reading my bible every day. I have asked for and trusted God for decades to provide for my family, to keep us well and safe, but never asked for help with my lack of interest in reading. When I finally asked, boy did things change, I’ll put it this way, I look forward to my night time with Jesus, we talk, I read my bible, more times than not, something that I read, becomes the wisdom on how to deal with things going on in my life. This has been just one of many “weaknesses” in my life that God has turned around for me, and I am so thankful.



    🙂 🙂 :). LOVE YOU ALL…

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