The Glory of God in the Death of His Son

John 3:16 ¶ “For God so loved the world,that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

The simplest of all verses actually takes us into the deepest waters of God’s wisdom, love and grace. Jonathan Edwards has taught me much about the glory of God; especially in God’s work of redemption. Here is a short quote about God’s glory displayed in this verse by Edwards.

“[It] glorified God’s holiness and hatred of sin: his hatred of sin never so appeared [more glorious]. [It] glorified the justice of God.”
This is almost a forgotten characteristic of God in our anything goes world. God’s holiness, His hatred of sin, and His justice are all clearly seen in the death of Jesus on the cross. Think about it, all of our sins were judged at the cross. God hates sin; our sins were placed on Christ. Because of God’s hatred for sin it had to be judged. That’s what Calvary. Is all about. Justice was satisfied by the punishment of His Son in our place. This same act also glorified the grace of God. Here is another short quote from Edwards.
” [It glorified the] grace of God. [The] unsearchable riches of grace opened to view the infinite fountain of God’s love.”
What an amazing display of God’s grace was also seen at the cross. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. The grace of God is magnified by His death on the cross for fallen man. Amazing, justice and mercy in the same act.
Edwards also points out that the death of Christ for fallen man displays the wisdom of God. Here is what Edwards says.
“[It glorified the] wisdom of God. And [it glorified] the glorious excellency of God in general, as Christ therein showed his infinite esteem of God and love to him; in that when he had a mind that sinners should be freed, he had rather bear such great suffering, and be so exceedingly humbled, than that their salvation should be to his dishonor. Now, it is exceedingly to the glory of God that so honorable a person as Christ should so love him.”
The cross displays the eternal plan of God. Even before creation His plan was in place. Christ’s wisdom is beyond our understanding, the simplicity of the cross opens up this profound wisdom. Amazing, Justice, holiness, mercy and wisdom all seen through the the beauty of the cross.

3 Replies to “The Glory of God in the Death of His Son”

  1. There is so much to contemplate in this blog it will be better than an “all day sucker”. What an awesome gift to enjoy all day and beyond.

    1. I’ve studied glory before but went back for a refresher. Amazing to see the various attributes of God magnified in the death of Christ. I understand how difficult it can be to see love and mercy but there they are and to a degree beyond imagination.
      Each attribute is not changed to suit the situation but brings further honor to our God for not changing but being faithful to Who He is which gives me more confidence in Him. The finishing touches, as though there need to be more, are seen in the resurrection.
      It was awesome to contemplate this as I did my “to do” list and found myself slip into worship. Can not wait for my glorified body so I can just stay in His undiluted presence.

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