Joel 2:23 Be glad then, you children of Zion,
And rejoice in the LORD your God;

For He has given you the former rain faithfully,

And He will cause the rain to come down for you—

The former rain,

And the latter rain in the first month.

Recently, Parris and I experienced flooding in our home. Our house is on the Bogue Falaya River and we were caught in what you could say was the perfect storm. Our river empties into the Tchefuncte River which in turn empties into Lake Ponchartrain. There had been a strong east wind for several days which causes flooding at the mouth of the Tchefuncte. At the same time there was 17 inches of rain up river near Bogalusa, Louisiana. The result was an unprecedented flood crest that flooded our property and home.

This week, I was in some meetings at The River in Tampa Bay when Rodney Howard Browne was describing this event, he called it a perfect storm. As he was speaking I began to feel impressed by the Lord that there was more here than just a story about a flood. I believe the Lord was saying that we are living on the edge of an unprecedented perfect spiritual storm in America.

Just as certain things have to be in place at the same time to have unprecedented floods in the natural world, maybe the same is true in the spiritual realm. Could it be possible that the deterioration of the moral fabric of our country is actually providing the very atmosphere for the final Great Awakening in America? Maybe, the godless bent being promoted by our government, colleges, and the media is actually creating the very ingredients necessary for a major move of God. I think it is. I believe this current generation is developing an unprecedented hunger for God. Not just information about Him, or a set of rules or even a new creed or doctrine to live by. No, I am talking about a hunger for God Himself. This hunger is one of the ingredients for this perfect spiritual storm.

The second ingredient is this, a local church that is primed and ready. I saw this at the River in Tampa and I believe I also see those ingredients at our home church in New Orleans. What are those ingredients? A focus on the Word of God, a passion for worship, freedom for the Holy Spirit to move in the services, and a passion for souls. All of us need some tweaking to prepare for the Perfect Storm. It is surely coming, I want to be ready.

5 Replies to “THE PERFECT STORM”

  1. Amen! tweak us Lord !! Isaiah 64 oh that you would rend the heavens !that you would come down ! that the mountains may shake at your presence In Jesus name

  2. Interesting. It brought to mind the 400 years prior to the Christ entering the scene the first time. There was a draught of God, then revival broke out with John the Baptist and once everything was in place (the fullness of time) Christ appeared.
    This generation does seem to hunger for “the real”. Their lives are so full they have little to no time wanting to be spent on emptiness or facades. All I can tell them is my testimonies of that very experience and to brace themselves, I’ll have a slight grin cause there is just no way to be prepared for your encounter with God!



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