John 7:37,38 ¶ On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

I love the fact that the Holy Spirit equips us for anything and everything. In today’s verse Jesus is preparing His disciples for the incredible things they are going to face. He knows from His own experience as a man the importance of having God’s power working in Him. How much more, as fallen men, do we need His power daily. Here is the best part, we are in such a weakened state outside of Christ that we need daily care and empowerment from our Father. Jesus Himself overcame everything that was thrown at Him. He humbly overcame every plot of man and demons because He was abiding in fellowship with His Father. It’s in the weakness of needing Him daily that we are strengthened to live for Him.

We receive this strength by doing what Jesus said, DRINK LIVING WATER. As drinking becomes more of a lifestyle, we become renewed and empowered. We know we are going to finish strong. Our confidence is not in ourselves but Jesus Christ who lives inside of His church. Check out Chrysotom on this verse.

“He calls that “living” which ever-works; for the grace of the Spirit, when it hath entered into the mind and hath been established, springs up more than any fountain, fails not, becomes not empty, stays not. To signify therefore at once its unfailing supply and unlimited operation, He hath called it “a well” and “rivers,” not one river but numberless; and in the former case He hath represented its abundance by the expression, “springing.” And one may clearly perceive what is meant, if he will consider the wisdom of Stephen, the tongue of Peter, the vehemence of Paul, how nothing bare, nothing withstood them, not the anger of multitudes, not the risings up of tyrants, not the plots of devils, not daily deaths, but as rivers borne along with a great rushing sound, so they went on their way hurrying all things with them.”
There you have it, the same man that is helpless in his natural state becomes powerful from drinking this living water. Because the Lord knows all things He can easily equip us for whatever may be coming our way. Because He is all powerful nothing that we face is too difficult for Him. He is sufficient in all things. If we are stuck in a pattern of sin, here is the way out, drink in this Living Water, it will become rivers of life flowing out of you.

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