Heb. 1:3 who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high,

Chrysostom says that the miracle of God sustaining and upholding all things is even greater than His miracle of creation. According to this verse He upholds everything by the same power that He created everything. Remember the act of creation? He spoke, “Let there be light”, and light came into being. Everything that is was created by the power of His word. It is that same authority of the Word of God that holds everything together. His word is the unseen X-factor that literally is the glue that keeps creation from collapsing on itself. Without His word the universe would deteriorate into chaos or implode in a reverse of the creative act. If that is really true, think about the effect of the Word of God on our lives. God’s word sustains, blesses, heals, and empowers every arena of our lives. His word brings provision on a daily basis, His word heals our bodies, His word calms every storm in our lives, and His word keeps the enemy at bay. Here are some thoughts from John Owen on today’s verse.

“Our next inquiry concerns the way the Son upholds all things. He does it by his powerful word. In the New Testament the word word can mean a word of blessing, any word spoken, a word of promise, or an authoritative command. In this verse the efficacy of divine Providence is called the word of God to indicate that as rulers accomplish their will by a word of command in and about things subject to their pleasure, so God accomplishes his whole will in all things by his power. Therefore, by his powerful word is added here to distinguish which word it is that the apostle means. It is a word that is effectual and operative—namely, exerting his divine power with authority to accomplish his purpose in and through all things.”
So it is the Word of God that is always operating that orchestrates the future events of the world and of our own personal lives. Think about it like this, there is a man sitting on the throne of God who loves you and has your best interests at heart. He loves and cares for each one of us. His word is working all things together for your good, He is sustaining and upholding every detail of your life.

2 Replies to “​THE POWER OF HIS WORD”

  1. This has me think about when Jesus called Lazarus out the tomb. Everyone was extremely happy that he named Lazarus specifically. His power Has no boundaries and His authority is absolute! Don’t believe me, seek Him diligently and when He shows up there is nothing anyone can say to prepare you for happens next. \o/

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