Col. 1:13 Amp. [The Father] has delivered and drawn us to Himself out of the control and the dominion of darkness and has transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of His love,

I had no desire to stop smoking pot. I liked smoking weed. Actually, I wanted a religion that would justify my chosen lifestyle. The scary thing about that;? It is not so different from what is preached today in many relevant churches. God made you like you are and His grace covers you in your chosen sinful pleasure. The problem with that; Paul said it clearly, “WHAT SHALL we say [to all this]? Are we to remain in sin in order that God’s grace (favor and mercy) may multiply and overflow?” The obvious answer, absolutely not.

Today’s verse has a hidden shade of meaning that hints at the key to this pleasure thing. It is the word delivered; the original Greek word also means attracted or drawn. This shows us the way we are actually rescued. The Lord draws us away from the destructive sinful pleasures of this world by shear attraction. The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to the beauty of God’s love for us and baptized us into the experiential pleasures of God. It is these pleasures found in knowing Him that changes everything for us. That brings me back to my unexpected and unwanted deliverance from marijuana. Jesus caught me by surprise. I checked into the Jesus Freak movement like I had checked into numerous other religions. The difference is I found acceptance and love rather than judgement and rules. No one told me I couldn’t smoke pot, it’s just I simply didn’t want to anymore. What was the point? Who wants a hamburger when you can have a steak?

The change was sudden and drastic. I wanted to read my Bible!!! Really?!?! I wanted to go to church; a lot! (You have to be kidding.) The old life was not on my radar. As Paul said, “I was delivered from the kingdom of darkness”.

The coup de gras was this, I wanted to go to Bible School and become a preacher. (You have got to be kidding.) I would never have dreamed in a million years that I was headed for the ministry. Me and all my friends mocked ministers, after all, weren’t they all in it for the money? My friends scattered like roaches and many thought I had snapped emotionally. The truth? I was transferred to another kingdom.

9 Replies to “JESUS FREAK”

  1. Strange, how people choose to explain events using anything but God. Salvation and sanctification is a mental or emotional breakdown or, you know “the next thing” that will fade or be taken over by the “next thing”.
    I hear people use brain washing, aliens and other totally weird explanations to explain the supernatural because who wants to admit there is one God? That would lead one to examine and change their life – who wants to do that?
    All it takes is that one moment with God to change everything. What others think no longer matters and your not just a better person, your completely different. Rules, what rules? He leads me down patches of righteousness for His name sake. True freedom! \o/

  2. God rules my life friend! Thank you Jesus Christ for the cross of Calvary! I’m a willing servant! Jesus Christ took fornicating with women from me, committing adultery with them, drinking any type of alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, and finally gambling 1 1/2 months ago! Jesus Christ Rocks! I never went to a step program!
    God is my accountability partner! He sees you everywhere you go! 1 Timothy chapter 1

  3. This is me. This was me.
    Been taking out of this dark world, drugs, drinking beer, dancing in night clubs.

    That dark life is gone. IN HIM AND HIS presence… I want to read my Bible, go to Church and Raise my HANDS to the RIGHT KING AS I DANCE. WORSHIP MY KING OF KINGS, JE SUS. Whewhoo
    Want to DO things for HIM now. No more parades and festivals and worldly things for me.

    LOVE YOU PASTOR’Frank. No desire for this world’s activities GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE TO OUR KING OF KINGS. 🙂 HALLELUJAH
    I lift my hands/ALL to HIM…. 🙂

  4. Yes I remember coming to the end of choices. An I felt death being the only way out. An then I was introduced to a girl name heaven. Who was a believer. I decided to date her because she followed our lord. So being a baptist son. I went an bought a bible an claimed for my self I was a Christian. An recalled all those childhood years of learning those stories. But no matter what I tried to learn or hear I just still felt the same. Empty!!!! Than she took me to victory. Because she kinda jumped around alot. An this was my moment of him calling me. What was so hard an frightening that i could not do in the little church I did in a big church. Because he was calling me an it was all him. After receiving that day on August 29 2003. I had new eyes. I was able to read my bible. It made sense. I was so hooked. I had to go even though it was so hard for me to show up in most places. But had to go an learn him. I’m crying rite now just thinkin about all of it. I might of not of been the lime light of Christians. But he gave me life. I have a loveing wife. Three boys. One girl. Another on the way in October. A great job. A home. Two vehicles. An from what I’m hearing much more to come. I was a nobody living at home with mom an dad. Cutting grass because I burnt up every job I had on drugs , drinking wanting to die an all I did was say yes. Come into me. He is my redeemer and my best friend. I love u Jesus.

  5. I remember also losing my long child hood friend. He was of one of the guys that I was close with out of many at that time who was so mad at the time that Jesus touched me. He was so upset that he was loosening me to Jesus. He tried everything to win me back. But in the end he told me he was gonna go to his uncles church to meet jesus not my church. I laughed an said man just go get Jesus. He called an told me what took placed. ( I did not believe him) but he wind up tellin the truth. One morning I got a call. It was him. Wanting to take a boat out just me an him like old times he said. I said I had to really pray about it an i would let him know in the morning. He said ok. Well that morning I got the call from his younger brother that his girlfriend called an said he died that night. Overdosed. There were many times me an him would get loaded an I would have to wake up an turn him over so he would not choke on his vomit. Well she told him this was last time she would check on him because he promise to stop druggin. An that was the night he died. The funeral was arranged by his pastor uncle. An I rode with him to the burial. An he told me not just me the whole church what he said that I did not believe him at the time. He gave his life. An there was also an altar call at his wake. I kinda think that’s all god wanted him to do was accept. Because knowing his past he did the best he could without a father or a real mother. Lol. I remember at beyond the grave when I tried to get him saved. He looked at me with a strong backward look saying man I got jesus. I knew he did not. But God was pulling. Lol.

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