Heb. 1:3 who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person, and upholding all things by the word of His power, when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high,

I was recently reading a book, ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking, and was struck by how confused the most intellectual among us sound when trying to describe creation. Creation is bigger and more complex than we will ever know, that will actually be part of our endless exploration in eternity. The universe itself is so complex and ordered that without a mastermind behind it all, it soon deteriorates into unbelievable, intellectual leaps of faith. This verse today describes the sustaining nature of Christ’s word and how He actually orchestrates all of creation with His words. Amazing! No wonder the wind, waves, fish, demons, and even dead bodies responded to His words when He was here on earth. Today, this same man rules everything from His exalted position on the throne of God. Yep, He sustains all things. Even those things that seem to be spiraling totally out of control. Here are some thoughts from Albert Barnes on today’s verse.
“There could not be a more distinct ascription of divinity to the Son of God than this. He upholds or sustains all things—the universe. It is not merely the earth; not only its rocks, mountains, seas, animals, and men, but it is the universe—all distant worlds. How can he do this who is not God? He does it by his word—his command. What a conception! That a simple command should do all this: So the world was made when God spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast. So the Lord Jesus commanded the waves and the winds, and they were still, so he spoke to diseases, and they departed—and to the dead, and they arose. I know not how men can explain away this ascription of infinite power to the Redeemer. There can be no higher idea of omnipotence than to say, that he upholds all things by his word; and assuredly he who can hold up this wast universe, so that it does not sink into anarchy or into nothing, must be God.”
So what seems out of control in your life today? Maybe it’s time to stand still and watch God work. He is always at work, even when it looks like He is not. He rides on the winds and hides Himself in the storms.

3 Replies to “HOLDS IT TOGETHER”

  1. I could not always say this because until I learned how to “look” at things from God’s perspective, which meant filtering out the majority of my own thoughts, summations and worldly wisdom, which for me has taken a every minute of my born again life thus far, (if you are much faster at this than I, God Bless you) control is not something I must concern myself with, in fact my making an effort to try and control something only exposes my lack of time in His presence and the void in my being filled with His Spirit. Of course I don’t like the storms, and who wouldn’t like an extended time of “Jubilee”, but if I’m truly dead to self but alive in Jesus, I follow after Him and His control is good enough for me.





  3. I’ve been following the Bailey drink for a few years now and it’s So refreshing and encouraging to me! I only get it on my Email at work and it is a calm in the storm and busyness. Thank you and bless you for sharing each day how Wonderful and Magnificent our GOD is! We have been reading in Hebrews in our 6am men’s SOAP group on Wednesday mornings and when I saw the verse today I smiled immediately.Heb. 2: 1 says ” we must pay attention… No, it says pay more attn… No, it says We must pay more careful attention to what we’ve Heard!!! So That we don’t drift away. I want to be a Fish! Yep, a Fish that swims against the current and doesn’t drift down stream! How do I,we do that? By filling our minds and Hearts with the truths shared here by this ministry! Amen and Praise to The One WHO Holds All Together!!! Thank you again. Joe

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