ROM.5:6 – Christ died for the ungodly.

I often think about the movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’. We rented out the theatre at the Palace several times for showings for church and friends. I think I saw it five times. The scene that effected me the most was the scourging of Jesus. Several times I felt like I was going to jump out of my seat to stop the beating. I found myself mad at the Jewish leaders, mad at Pilate, and really mad at the soldiers who seemed to be enjoying the moment. Suddenly it hit me; I was the one to blame. All of us were guilty. It was my sinfulness that caused the death of Christ. Justice was crying out against my sins. Justice was satisfied when Christ took my place. So I was the soldiers, and the Jewish leaders, and Pontius Pilate. I was the one reconcile for the horrible beating. Christ was literally suffering in my place. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes this wickedness.
“It was the wickedness or corruption that is in men that Christ died to make atonement for, and Christ had enough to impress upon him a sense of the vileness, and hatefulness, and unreasonableness of men’s corruption and wickedness in the time of his suffering; for it was the wickedness of men that contrived and effected his sufferings. It was the wickedness of men that agreed with Judas: it was the wickedness of men that betrayed him, and apprehended him, and bound him, and led him away like a malefactor; and [it] was by men’s wickedness that he was arraigned, and falsely accused, and unjustly judged; it was by men’s wickedness that he was reproached, mocked, buffeted, and spit upon; it was by the sins of men that Barabbas was preferred before him. And it was the sins of men that scourged him, and led him away to crucify him; it was the sins of men that laid the cross on him to bear: it was the sins of men that nailed him to the cross, and put him to so cruel and ignominious a death. This tended to give Christ as man a lively sense of the greatness and hatefulness of the sins and depravity of men, and what wickedness there was in the heart of men, at the same time that he died to make atonement for men’s wickedness.”
So as we celebrate Easter we are reminded the price of our forgiveness. Christ died to save sinners. Christ died to save me.


  1. Yes it was our sins responsible foe this WHOLE mess and it was the joy set before Him that drove Him to complete His mission to reconcile man and God. For while I was an enemy of God, Christ died for me. No greater does man have then to die for a friend but Jesus died for His enemy! Thank You, Lord! \o/

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