Test me, O LORD, and try me, examine my heart and my mind.Ps. 26:2
It’s funny how things that can appear on the surface to be so innocent can be a huge problem. Take ambition for instance, it is often perceived as a good quality and one to nurture in our own lives. But is ambition always good or can something quite sinister or even evil be lurking just below the surface? Was ambition the first sin? You know the one, the one where Lucifer wanted to take over the throne. Unbridled ambition is the cause of much of the world’s heartache. I think of names like Hitler, Stalin, and Napoleon. This ambition also operates in the church world. I think ambition was the root of the very sin that Saul of Tarsus committed. He was trying to please and outdo his peers to gain advancement in his career. Maybe ambition flowing out of an unregenerate heart can be filled with poison. Here’s how Martin Luther describes it.
“I feel a tendency toward pride, lust, hate, and envy. In particular, the subtle poison of selfish ambition is always beneath the surface. Even people who have a good understanding of God’s Word often stumble over this sin. This sin causes all heresies. As the saying goes, “Ambition is the mother of heresies and sects.” Some people always want to be special. They’re never content being like everyone else. This is how they wander off the path without even realizing it. People must pray every day that God would keep this secret rebel inside of them in check. As Paul says, “Honor one another above yourselves”. Here Paul acknowledges that the ego— that old idiot—always wants to be the center of attention. As soon as people learn something and can speak about the Lord Jesus Christ, they want to become special. The ego wants people to tell themselves, “Yes, you can get the job done. You’re an educated person. You’re a cut above the rest.” Like a kitten adorning itself, people like to make themselves look good. But afterward, faith and God’s Word are no longer important.”
Maybe this ambition has made itself into the modern church world. Could that be the root of arrogance in the televangelist and church growth world? Actually pride is the root of ambition and is the cause of church strife and division. Lord, change us and fill us with the meekness of Your Son.

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  1. Awesome blog… I walk in YOUR 9 FRUIT. IT’S ALL YOUR GLORY KING OF KINGS…. 🙂


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