John 1:16 ¶ And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.

Does it feel like your life is just too narrow or small? As C. S. Lewis said, “We are far too easily pleased”. Living our lives as Christians with only so much of God in our lives will stunt our growth. Too many believers go to church, believe the right things, and stay away from habitual sin but delight in other things. They are satisfied with a little bit of God and a lot of everything else. You could call that leanness of soul. The sad thing about that, there is so much more; more of God available for us all. John called it grace upon grace. He said we have received His fullness and it just kept coming; grace upon grace upon grace… There is more of God for all of us, we just to to be expanded a little. Her is how Maclaren describes this grace upon grace.

“Can you hold more of God than you could twenty years ago? Is there any more capacity in your soul for more of Christ than there was long, long ago? If there is you have more of Him; if you have not more of Him it is because you cannot contain more; and you cannot contain more because you have not desired more, and because you have been so wretchedly unfaithful in your use of what you had. The ideal is, ‘they go from strength to strength,’ and the end of that is, ‘every one of them appeareth before God.’ So, dear brother, as the dash of the waves will hollow out some little indentation on the coast, and make it larger and larger until there is a great bay, with its headlands miles apart, and its deep bosom stretching far into the interior, and all the expanse full of flashing waters and leaping waves, so the giving Christ works a place for Himself in a man’s heart, and makes the spirit which receives and faithfully uses the gifts which He brings, capable of more of Himself, and fills the widened space with larger gifts and new grace.”
So let the waves of His grace pound away at our hearts. He is preparing us, preparing us for more of Him. John was astounded by what he had received but he was poised for more. More Lord, grace upon grace for my soul.

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