The Heavenly Life

For you died, and your life is now hidden with
Christ in God … Christ, who is your life.

When I first got saved I had no idea of the depths of what had happened. It went from a new found faith in God focused on His only Son, to a realization that something profound had happened in my life. It was more than my beliefs that changed, I had changed. Paul calls it becoming a new creation. I lost my taste for the sinful pleasures of this world. I not only had the power to resist those old temptations, the desire for those things actually went away. New desires replaced those old desires. What kind of desires? Things like reading my Bible, going to whatever Christian gathering I could find; even my choices of music changed. Christ had become the center of my life.

As we grow in Christ we have to continue that life of change. The way we do that is by continuing to focus our thoughts and affections on Christ. Reading the Bible and worshipping Christ keeps us in that constant flow of transformation. Here are some thoughts from Andrew Murray on staying in a state of renewal.
“Our life is hidden with Christ in God and needs to be renewed daily. It requires time and thought to grasp the truth that the life Christ lives in the Father is the same life He lives in you and me. Christ does not live one life in the Father and another in you. His explicit words are, “Because I live, you also will live. On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you”. As Christ is in the Father, so you are in Him and He in you. How poorly we have grasped this! How little trouble we take to experience it. Here is the secret: a necessary daily quiet time with prayerful meditation to become deeply impressed with the truth that the Lord Jesus, whose life is hidden in God, also has His life hidden in us. Only in this way can we truly come to know that our glorious heavenly Christ lives in our hearts to enable us to live as children of the heavenly Father.”
As new Christians we may not know what has really happened to us, we now share the same life that Jesus shares. That is what He purchased for us, that is what we received. Our quiet times now bring us into a greater awareness of the life we have received. It will take eternity to explore and appreciate the depths of this life. After all, that is what eternity is all about, exploring the depths of His love.

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