I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live

Galatians 2:20
One of our greatest needs in life is to find our identity. Multitudes wander aimlessly through life covering their lack of purpose with facades or deaden their emptiness with the pleasures of sin. We cloak our emptiness in sports, pleasure seeking, politics, ambition, or some form of good deeds. All the while our heart is restless, longing to know who we are and why we exist. It’s funny how we finally find our answers. It’s in losing our identity in Christ that we actually take on our true identity and find purpose in life. I felt as if I was imitating others all my life. It started with super heroes as a child, moved on into sports figures as a preteen, and went to rock stars in my youth. Only when I met Christ and delivered my life up in surrender to Him that I began to be free to pursue my own life and identity. Like Paul said, “I have been crucified with Christ nevertheless, I live”. Here is how A. B. Simpson describes this.

“The Christ life is in harmony with our nature. The other day I was asked by a thoughtful, intelligent woman-one not a Christian, but who had the deepest hunger for that which is right-“How can Christ enter us and we not lose our individuality? This experience will destroy our personality; it violates our responsibility as individuals.”
My response was, “Your personality is incomplete without Christ. Christ was made for you, and you were made for Christ, and until you meet Him you are not complete.
“Suppose,” I continued, “that gas jet should say, ‘If I take this fire in, the gas coursing through me will lose its individuality.’ Oh, no; it is only when the fire comes in that the gas fulfills its purpose for being.
“Suppose the snowflake should say, ‘What shall I do? If I drop on the ground I shall lose my individuality.’ But it falls and is absorbed by the soil, and with the coming spring the snowflakes are seen in the primroses and daisies.”
Let us lose ourselves and rise to a new life in Christ.”
If you are stressed out it probably comes from being out of harmony with Christ. He has a flow, He has a specific flow of life perfectly set for your life and your circumstances. Finding that harmony in Christ brings you into peace and satisfaction. In Him you finally answer the question who and why you are.

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    Pastor Frank, have a blessed and filled day. Love you, Pastor.

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