He shall save his people from their sins.
What a powerful word from the angel that visited Joseph, “He will save His people from their sins”. The word save in the New Testament is quite powerful. It is describing way more than just a ticket to heaven, it is describing a quality of life. Save comes from the Greek word sozo. That word smacks of wholeness. Forgiveness of sin brings us into wholeness for our spirit, soul, and body. Sin has stolen from all of us. It has decimated our relationships, it has tormented our minds, it has violated our conscience, stolen our money, and poisoned our bodies with disease. That’s why this angelic word is so profound, the forgiveness of our sins restores what was lost by our sin; it restores everything. Charles Spurgeon shares powerfully about this verse, check it out.
“Many persons, if they are asked what they understand by salvation, will reply, ‘Being saved from hell and taken to heaven’. This is one result of salvation, but it is not one tithe of what is contained in that boon. It is true our Lord Jesus Christ does redeem all his people from the wrath to come; he saves them from the fearful condemnation which their sins had brought upon them; but his triumph is far more complete than this. He saves his people from their sins. Oh! sweet deliverance from our worst foes. Where Christ works a saving work, he casts Satan from his throne, and will not let him be master any longer. No man is a true Christian if sin reigns in his mortal body. Sin will be in us-it will never be utterly expelled till the spirit enters glory; but it will never have dominion.”
What has been stolen from you? Have you lost precious relationships with family and friends?

Maybe sin has stolen your peace of mind or health. Or maybe your finances have been ransacked and your possessions pilfered. Could it be you have become more dependent on pills or drink than you are willing to admit? All of these things is what the angel had in mind when he spoke to Joseph. “Call His name Jesus, He will save you from your sins.” All of that can change as you drink from the cup of salvation. You see when you say those often repeated words, “I am saved”, you have said a mouthful. You may have received more than you know.

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