He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine
and making it known to you.

JOHN 16:14
The book of John gives a glimpse into the very life of God. My Bible School teacher used to say that John 13-17 was a glimpse into the holy of holies. It starts with Jesus washing His disciples feet, moves into an amazing description of life in the Spirit that the disciples were about to enter into, it finishes on the holy ground of Christ praying for us in the garden of Gethsemane. For those who have ears to hear, this is like standing with Moses before the burning bush. Andrew Murray says that we learn from this passage that the Spirit flows from Christ, reveals Christ, and imparts Christ. Here is how he says it.
“The Holy Spirit flows from Christ, reveals Christ, and imparts Christ.Do you desire the Spirit? Have faith in Christ who gives the Spirit. Do you desire Christ? Trust the Spirit to reveal Christ to you. The Spirit is sent from Christ glorified in heaven to impart Christ glorified to us upon the earth. The fullness of the Godhead dwelt in Christ in order that the life of the Godhead might dwell in us. All this is in Christ. Our entire life exists in union with Christ. As the branch is in the vine, so we are in Christ and He in us. Each new day we must begin with this conviction: Christ lives in me and the Holy Spirit will make this a reality for me. Count on the quiet, unseen working of the Holy Spirit in your heart.”

The Holy Spirit is like a powerful river flowing from the Father and the Son seated on the throne of God. It is flowing out from Jesus and flows over us, healing and restoring the broken parts of our lives. This river of the Spirit of God reveals Jesus. It opens our eyes to His glory, opens our heart to His great work of redemption, and opens ours ears to His magnificent word. It is the Holy Spirit that makes Jesus and His work come alive in our lives. Finally, the Holy Spirit imparts the life of God in our soul. The very nature of the Son, the Spirit of Sonship or adoption, comes into our lives and permeates our whole being. We take on a new nature and become different kinds of people. Drink in His Spirit today; He will restore you, refresh you, reveal Christ to you, and impart His amazing love into your soul.

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