Rev. 19 :10
Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

What a powerful word! Prophecy is the living word of God, or God speaking right now. The fact that Jesus Himself lives in us as born again Christians causes us to step into that prophetic anointing, John called it the testimony of Jesus. Christ is living out His life, or His testimony, in us to glorify His grace. His testimony makes us alive and makes Christianity real. Jesus told His followers in Acts 1 that they would be witnesses of Him after the Holy Spirit came upon them. This word “witnesses” is the same root word as “testimony”. In other words, after we are filled with the Spirit we begin to carry the testimony of Jesus in our lives. He lives in us to reach others for the sake of His name.

This Sunday we will be celebrating as a church thirty-seven years since we first began. This service will be a celebration of the testimony of Jesus. It’s the story of Parris and myself and how we got saved on the lakefront by the Mardi Gras Fountain in August of 1973, got married, went off to Bible School, baptized in the Holy Spirit and received a calling to the ministry. It’s the story of how Jesus met us as we returned to the city on the Bonnet Carre Spillway in 1977 and were called to pastor a church in New Orleans. We will celebrate all of our stories. Stories like the young woman in the psychiatric unit at Charity Hospital who got saved and her story ended up in the birthing of our first church plant, Believer’s Life on the Westbank. Stories like James and Christina Widener. Christina being one of our revival kids in 1994, James a convert from jail to the ministry. Their story went from Manila, Katrina restoration, until today the thriving work in Shanghai, China. The testimony includes a business woman from Guatemala who became a leader at Victory and has started three schools, a Bible School and multiple churches in Uganda. We will celebrate how Feed the Multitudes was birthed out of a financial crisis in our ministry, and how Beyond the Grave was birthed from the tragedy of a high school shooting, ending up in a harvest of many thousands of new believers. It’s also the story of young women at Mary’s-song and young men at 180 having their lives turned around by the testimony of Jesus.

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy. What is your testimony? Is Christ living in and through you? There are no limitations to what He can do. He is doing above and beyond anything we could have asked or even thought according to His power that is working in us.

2 Replies to “TESTIMONY”

  1. Happy Anniversary !!!❤️🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎻🎻🎷🎸🎸🎼🎷😊😊😊😊!!!!!! Thank you Pastor Frank and Pastor Parris!!

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