Deut. 33:16 With the precious things of the earth and its fullness, And the favor of Him who dwelt in the bush. Let the blessing come “on the head of Joseph, And on the crown of the head of him who was separate from his brothers.’

First things are always special. First car, first house, first kiss: somehow those first things define our lives. That’s how it was with Moses. In today’s verse Moses is at the end of his life. Over the last forty years Moses had innumerable encounters with the Almighty. There was the day The Lord appeared in the cloud for the first time, then the time He appeared on Mount Sinai, the many times He met Moses in the tabernacle, and of course it would be impossible to forget the time he was hidden in the cleft of the rock and the glory of The Lord passed over him. But still, there was something about that first encounter Moses could never forget. For Moses, He was still the One who dwelt in the bush. Matthew Henry makes some interesting comments about this One who dwelt in the bush.
“He crowns all with the good-will, or favorable acceptance, of him that dwelt in the bush, that is, of God, that God who appeared to Moses in the bush that burned and was not consumed, to give him his commission for the bringing of Israel out of Egypt. Though God’s glory appeared there but for a while, yet it is said to dwell there, because it continued as long as there was occasion for it: the good-will of the shechinah in the bush; so it might be read, for shechinah signifies that which dwelleth; and, though it was but a little while a dweller in the bush, yet it continued to dwell with the people of Israel. My dweller in the bush; so it should be rendered; that was an appearance of the divine Majesty to Moses only, in token of the particular interest he had in God, which he desires to improve for the good of this tribe. Many a time God has appeared to Moses, but now that he is just dying he seems to have the most pleasing remembrance of that which was the first time, when his acquaintance with the visions of the Almighty first began, and his correspondence with heaven was first settled: that was a time of love never to be forgotten.”
That bush encounter caught Moses by surprise, he was just enduring another day just like thousands before. This was just another day of chasing sheep. At least it was until The Lord spoke to Moses from the bush. “Take the shoes off of your feet because you are on holy ground.” From that day on for the rest of Moses life he would be on holy ground. For the next forty years The Lord would be “the One who lives in the bush” to Moses. Do you remember your first time? When you stop and think about it He will suddenly be right there with you again.


  1. Every time I recount the moment when God revealed Himself to me it is as though it is happening once again. All I can do is begin to thank Him and praise Him.

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