Is. 60:19 ¶ The sun shall be no more
your light by day, nor for brightness shall the moon give you light; but the LORD will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory.
I have been thinking about heaven recently. Actually, I am reading a book called “Imagine Heaven” which tells about many near death experiences. One of the often repeated themes in almost all the stories is a desire to stay there. No one wanted to go back to earth! It’s funny, we all look at death as such a horrible thing when it is actually the real beginning, it is where our real life will finally start. Something else I noticed from the testimonies of those who died and came back was this, their description of their experiences were strangely similar to the language and feel of someone who is describing being touched by the Holy Spirit. Of course it should be, the atmosphere of heaven is actually a person, the wonderful Holy Spirit. God Himself will be our eternal home. Here is a brief description of heaven from Jonathan Edwards’ sermon, “Heaven is a World of Love”.

“What joy may we conclude springs up in the hearts of the saints after they have passed their wearisome pilgrimage to be brought to such a paradise? Here is joy unspeakable indeed; here is humble, holy, divine joy in its perfection. Love is a sweet principle, especially divine love. It is a spring of sweetness. But here the spring shall become a river, and an ocean. All shall stand about the God of glory, the fountain of love, as it were opening their bosoms to be filled with those effusions of love which are poured forth from thence, as the flowers on the earth in a pleasant spring day open their bosoms to the sun to be filled with his warmth and light, and to flourish in beauty and fragrancy by his rays. Every saint is as a flower in the garden of God, and holy love is the fragrancy and sweet odor which they all send forth, and with which they fill that paradise. Every saint there is as a note in a concert of music which sweetly harmonizes with every other note, and all together employed wholly in praising God and the Lamb; and so all helping one another to their utmost to express their love of the whole society to the glorious Father and Head of it, and [[to pour back]] love into the fountain of love, whence they are supplied and filled with love and with glory.”
It is impossible to really know what heaven is going to be like, the Holy Spirit gives us glimpses and tastes here in this life. Have you tasted for yourself the goodness of God? If so that heavenly hope resides in you. Nurture that hope as you reflect on your eternal home. It will be far greater than we can ever hope or imagine.


  1. Amen!! I can’t wait! I been listening to kelanie glockler new cd well released in November but I love the sound she sings( we sing in church as well) I see heaven invading this place I hope restored of all diseases I sing praises … 😀

  2. I, too, love to read about heaven. Awesome description by Jonathan Edwards. MY DREAM OF HEAVEN is another great book by Rebecca Ruter Springer.

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