Outreach of Love

Matt. 14:35 And when the men of that place recognized him, they sent around to all that region and brought to him all who were sick.

Jesus healed every kind of disease and malady. From deafness to paralysis, from insanity to depression; Jesus healed them all. The good news for us today, He hasn’t changed and His power hasn’t diminished. He still heals and restores whosoever wills. Once He touches and restores your life there becomes a desire to see the same thing done for our friends and family. That’s how love works. We have tasted something so sweet we have to share it with others. Who can you tell about His love and His kindness today? Who can you persuade to come to church where His love is being poured out? This outreach of love is a sure sign of an outpouring of His Spirit. Are you currently involved in a fellowship of believers where God is pouring out His love? If not, find a place like that. Bring others into that atmosphere. He has people only you can reach set apart, let Him love them through you. Here are some thoughts from Matthew Henry about reaching our loved ones.
“How they brought others to Christ, by giving notice to their neighbors of Christ’s being come into those parts; They sent out into all that country. Note, those that have got the knowledge of Christ themselves, should do all they can to bring others acquainted with him too. We must not eat these spiritual morsels alone; there is in Christ enough for us all, so that there is nothing got by monopolizing. When we have opportunities of getting good to our souls, we should bring as many as we can to share with us. More than we think of would close with opportunities, if they were but called upon and invited to them. They sent into their own country, because it was their own, and they desired the welfare of it. Note, We can no better testify our love to our country than by promoting and propagating the knowledge of Christ in it. Neighborhood is an advantage of doing good which must be improved. Those that are near to us, we should contrive to do something for, at least by our example, to bring them near to Christ.”
Like Henry said, how can we eat these precious morsels alone. Make a point to reach out to those around you. You may be pleasantly surprised at their response. There is no greater joy than to see those you love discover the love of God.

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