Mark 11:22 And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God”.

This passage points us totally to the supernatural aspect of our faith. As Paul said in Ephesians, faith itself is a gift from God. The faith Jesus is describing is actually God’s faith. That is what this passage literally says in the original text, “Have God’s faith”. So if you find yourself in need of a miracle Jesus tells us in this passage the importance of faith in receiving miracles. You may say that you don’t have that kind of faith. Well I have some good news for you, none of us do. We are all in a state of utter dependence on God, even when it comes to believing God. This kind of faith is found only in Christ and Christ, with all of His faith, is resident in you. Our challenge is to activate our faith. How do we do that? It is really quite simple if you are willing to go all the way with God. Faith manifests in us through soaking in the Word and being filled daily with the Holy Spirit. Here is how Wuest’s Word Studies describes this verse.

“This is just another instance in the life of our Lord that brings to view His humanity and His dependence upon God the Holy Spirit, for the words He uttered, the prayers which He prayed, the miracles He performed, and the life which He lived, was as the Man Christ Jesus, doing all this in the energy of the Holy Spirit. Our Lord exercised faith in the cursing of the fig tree. He presses home the lesson of the necessity of faith to the disciples.”
This is Wuest’s translation of this verse.

“And answering, Jesus says to them, Be constantly having faith in God.”
Wuest’s points out the importance of the continual nature of faith. This flows out of a life saturated with God’s Word and also saturated with the Holy Spirit. None of us know what tomorrow holds, no one knows when the storms of life will come crashing in on us. We have to be prepared for whatever we face by being filled with God and His faith. I often talk about the Holy Spirit outpouring in our church that began in 1994. I believe one of the reasons for that outpouring was to prepare us for the events we faced when the storm called Katrina came to visit us. Without supernatural faith it would have been easy to fall into depression and make bad choices. Staying filled with God enables us to stand in faith and speak to our storms. Have faith in God.

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