PSA. 32:10 ¶ Many are the sorrows of the wicked,
but steadfast love surrounds the one who trusts in the LORD.

Have you ever felt like you are surrounded? I’m not talking about surrounded by your troubles, I’m talking about being surrounded by God’s love. That’s exactly what today’s verse describes, being surrounded by the steadfast love of God. Actually you don’t have to go by your feelings or even take my word for it; you can take God’s word. The wicked person’s life is filled with sorrow, those who fear the Lord are surrounded by love. Here is how Spurgeon describes it.
“Faith is here placed as the opposite of wickedness, since it is the source of virtue. Faith in God is the great charmer of life’s cares, and he who possesses it, dwells in an atmosphere of grace, surrounded with the bodyguard of mercies. May it be given to us of the Lord at all times to believe in the mercy of God, even when we cannot see traces of its working, for to the believer, mercy is as all surrounding as omniscience, and every thought and act of God is perfumed with it. The wicked have a hive of wasps around them, many sorrows; but we have a swarm of bees storing honey for us.”
We all choose to live in some kind of environment or atmosphere. The atmosphere created by an ungodly lifestyle results in sorrow and disappointment. For the Christian, even his toughest battles are saturated with the love of God. We never go into anything by ourselves, He is our constant companion and His love never leaves us. Albert Barnes describes this kind of life as if it the very environment that we live in, here are his thoughts on today’s verse.
“Mercy shall compass him about. He shall be surrounded with mercy—as one is surrounded by the air, or by the sunlight. He shall find mercy and favour everywhere—at home, abroad; by day, by night; in society, in solitude; in sickness, in health; in life, in death; in time, in eternity. He shall walk amidst mercies; he shall die amidst mercies; he shall live in a better world in the midst of eternal mercies.”
While you are sleeping or when you are awake, His love is steadfast and tangible. He is not far off but is nearer than our breath or even our skin. You can put on His love like a coat and stay wrapped in His warmth through everything that today will bring. Don’t leave home without it.

5 Replies to “SURROUNDED”

    JESUS/HOLY SPIRIT INSIDE and wrapped completely ALL IN HIM, from head to feet!!!!


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