John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The mystery of Christmas is connected to the person called Jesus Christ. Is He the unique Son of God or is He just another man? Most everyone has heard the story of the donkey ride, no room in the inn, angels singing and the virgin birth. The mystery actually started before this famous story, way before. Actually it’s hard to say that it started before because somehow this mystery has always been. As Micah the prophet said, “His goings forth were from the days of eternity”.

In today’s verse John declares that the word was from the beginning. John goes on to say that the word became flesh. This word that was from the beginning is actually a person. He is the Father’s idea of Himself vocalized. This word is actually a person that has the same essence as the Father. He is the eternal word of God. Here are some thoughts from Martin Luther about the Son of God.
“The following illustration is overly simplistic, but it makes the birth of the Son of God a little easier to understand. As a human son receives his body and his very being from his father, so the Son of God, born of the Father, receives his divine essence and nature from the eternal Father. But this or any other illustration can never adequately describe how the divine majesty can be given to another, as when the Father gives his entire divine essence to the Son. A human father can’t give his entire being to his son. This is where the comparison breaks down.

However, as far as the divine being is concerned, all of God’s divine essence and nature passes into the Son. Yet the Son, who remains in the divine being together with the Father, is one God together with the Father. Likewise, the Holy Spirit has the same divine nature and majesty as the Father and the Son.”
This is what the mystery of Christmas is all about; this eternal word Who is a person and Who is God became a man. He was born of the virgin Mary to become part of the human race to save us from our sins. So is He the Son of God? Is He a man, the son of Mary? Yes and yes. Great is the mystery of God. He has always existed as the Son of God, in Bethlehem He became the Son of Man. The Word became flesh at Christmas; the world has never been the same.

One Reply to “THE SON OF GOD”

  1. There’s something about reading or hearing about Jesus’ birth, especially as Christmas nears, that stir’s childhood memories and childhood faith. As we navigate around and through the smooth and rough spots in our life, I find myself over and over again being awed by God’s simplicity and complexity all at the same time. I could not always say this, but nothing now interests me more.

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