(My response to the recent terrorist attack)
2Tim. 3:1 AMP. BUT UNDERSTAND this, that in the last days will come (set in) perilous times of great stress and trouble [hard to deal with and hard to bear].

Are you like me, “What on earth is going on”?! France actually was terrorized by muslim extremists, at least one of which was on a refugee boat. Have we lost our minds? If I wasn’t fully convinced of God’s sovereignty I would be tempted to be afraid. Actually, rather than afraid, I feel an excitement starting to build in my belly.
“Excitement?” you ask. Yes, that’s right, a joyful anticipation to be more exact. I have a gut feeling that the Lord Himself will respond to the circumstances in the world. It seems as if there is some sort of spiritual dam that builds up in proportion to the foolishness that is going on in the world. Apparently, at some point the Lord gives the word and “wam”, all heaven breaks out.
“Prove it”, I thought I heard someone say. Well what about the California Earthquake of April 1906? Thousands of people died and 80% of San Francisco was destroyed. Within months, the greatest Pentecostal outpouring since the Day of Pentecost. The modern Pentecostal/Charismatic movement can all be traced to that revival. As a result, there are millions of Pentecostal believers in Asia, North and South America, and Africa. Pentecost is here to stay.
Another example?
What about Pentecost itself? Jerusalem had been ravaged by a series of earthquakes from the day Christ died until His resurrection. The jews had been suffering under Roman domination for years. Their desperation spilled over into a thirst that culminated in the outpouring in the upper room, the world has never been the same.
Then there was the extermination of 6 million jews that resulted in the rebirth of the nation of Israel; the end of that story hasn’t been written. Israel’s situation promises to peak with a confrontation between the nations of the world and the greatest harvest of Israelis the world has ever seen. The Lord is orchestrating all things for world revival and judgement on those who reject His Son.
How should we respond to the accelerating events in our mixed up world? Hold true to your beliefs, refuse to compromise. Soak yourself daily in God’s word. Get in a church that is not ashamed of the supernatural in their services. Spend time in His presence, praying in the Holy Spirit. Finally, don’t be ashamed of the gospel, take every opportunity to share your faith. Eternity is at hand.

5 Replies to “WHAT’S GOING ON?”

  1. Having just come back from middle America (smaller towns of 5-15 thousand people) and spending time with relatives who are Christians but not Pentecostal, I found it easier to broach the subject of God, the enemies of God, and my personal testimonies good and bad (because I find people lower their guard when they see and hear that we are at a place that they can get to also) The stuff going on has gotten their attention and mine. The Holy Spirit was very clearly stirring their spirits, on several occasions, someone would introduce something other than God centered into our conversations, and without me having to do anything, someone else would bring it right back. I have done this trip the last 8 years, this is the first time that when I left, I was confident that change had begun. I told them of the awesome gifts that Jesus had left us with to be able to more than just get through this life, and the power in those gifts. We are living with a great advantage, lets no hide it, but allow God to use it just as He intended it to be used. Glad to be back home.

  2. I am going back again to read 2 Timothy 1-2 to get a better understanding of what Paul was saying to encourage Timothy which I think will make more clear 2 Timothy 3:1. Almost seems Paul instructing what to do in light of or preparation for 3:1 so that we will run with more of a determination to the end. \o/

  3. Thank you for your thoughts on this topic. I read the Bailey Drink almost every day!!
    With all the things happening in the world, people are looking for insight and wisdom to help process their thoughts!
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Praise God!

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