See, he is puffed up; his desires are not upright— but the righteous will live by his faith. Habakkuk 2:4

Sometimes, we are so surrounded by troubles, its hard to see anything else. Frankly, it can feel like we are being suffocated by the circumstances. Have you ever felt like that? Maybe that is where you are at today. If so, I have some really good news for you. You are not seeing the whole picture. The problems are real all right, its just that the solution is bigger. The solution to whatever the problem is is a person. This person is none other than Jesus Christ. You might think, “easy for you to say, but I am here and I don’t see Him anywhere!”. You are not looking correctly. He can only be seen by faith. Faith is real and opens up this real world to us. Listen to these words of faith from Martin Luther.
“Habakkuk wrote down the words from God on a tablet, which included this brilliant statement: “The righteous will live by his faith.” This means that those who want to be righteous and live righteous lives must believe in God’s promise. This truth can’t be changed. As a result, ungodly people will die in their unbelief. So we must believe the writing on the tablet if we want to live now and forever. We must believe that Christ will come with his kingdom. But when things appear otherwise, when we are troubled in this world, we must not lose our way. God’s Word holds things before us that are beyond our senses and higher than our understanding. We feel troubled because we look at our current condition. By faith, we need to get beyond these feelings. Even when surrounded by trouble, we must be confident that the kingdom will come and be established in a glorious way.”
Did you see the key? Luther taught the world to look to God’s written word. That’s where faith is awakened and we begin to see the greatness of our God. ‘Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word’. The Bible is filled with promises that cover whatever you are facing. Search the scriptures for yourself. When you do, your faith will awaken and you will find the way out of your trouble. But something else will happen also. Not only will you find relief from your situation, you will walk right into the arms of our loving God.

2 Replies to “ARMS OF LOVE”

  1. Though your physical circumstances might not change right away, you will have peace and joy. Be ready to hear people say your in denial. I tell hem “I am in the river, but not da Nile” \o/

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