1Th. 5:2 For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.

Today’s verse is quite powerful in light of the times we live in. Our world is deteriorating before our eyes. No surprises, everything is progressing just as the Lord has said it would. Today’s devotion will be a little different. I’ve taken some quotes from the Fire Bible on the end times followed by comments from me. Fire Bible is in quotation marks.
“The “day of the Lord” normally does not refer to a 24–hour day, but rather to an extended period of time when God’s enemies are overthrown (1) This “day” begins following the rapture of the church, when Christ’s followers will be taken suddenly from the earth to escape the end-time judgments to come on the world.”
The prophecies have been fulfilled, Christ could return for His church at any moment. We must stay ready.
“(2) The day of the Lord will occur at a time when people are hoping for peace and safety.”

Man is trying desperately to solve all their problems with some sort of human alliance. It just won’t be successful. The fellowship of mankind outside of Christ actually is characterized by the spirit of antichrist.
“(3) The “day” will not come as a surprise to faithful believers—“like a thief in the night”—because they have accepted Christ’s salvation and will be spared from God’s wrath. The faithful will be ready for the Lord’s return because they are alert and self-controlled, living in faith, love and purity.”

It is important to stay ready. We can keep our lamps trimmed and burning by searching His word daily and staying filled with the Spirit.

“(4) Faithful believers will be rescued from this “coming wrath” through the Lord Jesus Christ when he comes to take the faithful people back to heaven with him.”

This is our hope. The world will fall under the judgement of God because of rejecting His Son. All of His church will be protected and carried away at His coming.
“(5) The day of the Lord will end with Christ’s millennial (thousand-year) reign of peace on earth and will bring time as we know it to a close. The “day” will actually end following Christ’s millennial kingdom and the final judgment of the wicked. Then the new heaven and new earth will be established.”

All of these things may seem unreal to you today. The more you draw near to God, the more res they will become.
“(6) For God’s enemies, “the day of the Lord” means terrible destruction and judgment; but for God’s faithful people, it means rescue and reward.”
Christ took our judgment at the cross. All who reject Him are left to deal with the consequences of their own sins. Get ready. He is coming like a thief the night.

2 Replies to “THE DAY OF THE LORD”

  1. Hallelujah!!! Make us ready father take our lamps set on hill ,set on lamp stand that we won’t be hidden in Jesus name!!


    Good morning, Pastor Frank. HALLELUJAH. Have a blessed day. 🙂

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