Psa. 51:11 Do not cast me away from Your presence,
And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me.
Pastoring a Holy Ghost church I sometimes forget what a privilege it is to have God’s presence among us. I guess the old saying is true, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it is gone”. David had enjoyed God’s presence in his life since his youth. He was terrified that his sins would cost him the most precious treasure in his life. He could afford to lose his throne, his palace, or his wealth; he couldn’t bare the thought of losing God’s presence. That is the terrible danger of sin, it costs us more than we can ever afford to pay. David was pleading with God for mercy, he desperately wanted to be restored to the sweet presence of the Lord. William Cowper also knew the joy of God’s presence. Listen to his thoughts about this special treasure.

“David lamented before that sin had slain him, and made him like a dead man, wanting a heart or quickening spirit; and now he fears lest, as the dead are abhorred by the living, so the Lord should cast him as a dead and abominable thing out of his presence. Whereof we learn this is one of the just punishments of sin; it procures the casting out of a man from the face of God; and it may let us see how dear bought are the pleasures of sin when a man to enjoy the face of the creature deprives himself of the comfortable face of the Creator; as David here, for the carnal love of the face of Bathsheba, puts himself in danger to be cast out forever from the presence of the Lord his God. If a man could remember this in all Satan’s temptations, what it is that the deceiver offers, and what it is again that he seeks, he would be loath to buy the perishing pleasures of sin upon such a price as Satan selleth them, but would answer him as the apostle did Simon Magus, “Thy money, with thyself, go into perdition; “thy gain, thy glory, thy pleasure, and whatever thou wouldst give me to offend the Lord my God, go with thyself into perdition, for what canst thou offer me comparable to that which thou wouldst steal from me?”
The offer of sin is pleasure. What an irony, sin promises something it can’t deliver. Sin leads to depression and shame. Its in forgiveness and righteousness that we find the joy of His presence.


    1. Create in me a clean heart , O God , and renew a right spirit within me . Cast me not away from your presence , and take not your Holy Spirit from me . Restore to me the joy of your salvation . Thank you Father God , for you are the blessing , and Lord I love your presence .

  1. Amen. Blessed be the Lord! Thank you Father for your pressence in us and with us.”Since thou was precious in my sight, thou has been honorable and I have loved thee.” so the Father speaks to us by the prophet, Isaiah.

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