Psa. 47:2 For the Lord, the Most High, is to be feared, a great king over all the earth.

The fear of God, probably not one of the top ten sermon topics in our modern church. It seems that the fear of God has somehow fallen out of favor in the casual church crowd, it seems the fear of God is not what the ‘modern’ Christian wants to hear about. I guess maybe that is connected to that repentance thing. Somehow we have forgotten that God is not only gracious but He is also holy.

Throughout history the fear of God has been one of the characteristics related to true revival. Revival never accepts the status quo of society but always challenges it. The Holy Spirit comes and convicts all of us about the areas in our lives that are unpleasing to Him. He amazingly convicts us of our sins and at the same time offers us pardon and righteousness by grace through faith. What is the outcome; amazing forgiveness and complete transformation. Our response, we tremble in fear before Him with unspeakable joy. Here are some thoughts from Jonathan Edwards on the fear of God.
“The Scriptures place much of religion in godly fear; insomuch that ’tis often spoken of as the character of those that are truly religious persons, that they tremble at God’s Word, that they fear before him, that their flesh trembles for fear of him, and that they are afraid of his judgments, that his excellency makes them afraid, and his dread falls upon them; and the like: and a compellation (to address or name someone) commonly given the saints in Scripture, is, fearers of God, or they that fear the Lord. And because the fear of God is a great part of true godliness, hence true godliness in general, is very commonly called by the name of the fear of God; as everyone knows, that knows anything of the Bible.”
For Jonathan Edwards, the fear of God was closely connected to true spirituality. He had been privileged to experience two great outpourings in his church during his lifetime. His standard for measuring the reality of a move of God was the fear of God among the congregation. How can we restore that healthy fear to the modern church? Actually, that is the work of the Holy Spirit. Find a church where He is welcome. Allow Hs presence to challenge your Christian walk and deepen your experience of His love. You will find yourself walking in the fear of God.
Acts 9:31 ¶ Then the churches throughout all Judea, Galilee, and Samaria had peace and were edified. And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, they were multiplied.

4 Replies to “FEAR OF GOD”

  1. Good Word , Pastor Frank , very deep message , one that I want a better understanding of . The fear of the Lord . The fear of the Lord leads to life , and whoever has it rests satisfied , he will not be visited by harm . Yes, a better understanding is what I want .The fear of the Lord !

    1. Pastor Frank , God is good , and He answers prayer . Thank you for teaching on the fear of God Sunday night , when I heard you say you would preach this message , I wanted to be there .The sunday night service is deep already , then the fear of God teaching , Yes very deep . Sunday night service was very deep .

  2. Grace abuse and very little knowledge of the contents of God’s Word, is a very dangerous thing. I believe that’s exactly why the Holy Spirit puts such a hunger for God’s Word in newly born again Christians. Coming from a religion that was less than encouraging about reading the Bible, it was not a shock finding out my accumulated knowledge back then was mostly inaccurate. Before my eye’s were opened by the Holy Spirit, it seemed as though God had left us alone, and the devil was the one to fear. I am happy to know that both of those observations are false. To me fear equals the greatest of respect, intertwined with the greatest of love. What that has produced in me is a growing desire to not disappoint in any way, shape or form my best friend.

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