Psa. 46:1 ¶ God is our refuge and strength,

a very present help in trouble.

Martin Luther used to sing this Psalm in times of trouble. I love this incredible promise. He is a ‘very present’ help in times of need. He is not just a promise that somehow things will work out, He is very present when things go bad. I can’t think of a better promise, God Himself is with us, especially in times of trouble. In the margin of my Bible it says that the Lord is a ’well proved’ help. He not only shows up Himself, He has proven over and over again to be faithful to help His sons and daughters. Your problem may seem overwhelming but just stop for a moment and sing. He lives in your song and is much greater than any of our troubles. Here is what Matthew Henry said about this verse.

God is our refuge and strength; we have found him so, he has engaged to be so, and he ever will be so. Are we pursued? God is our refuge to whom we may flee, and in whom we may be safe and think ourselves so… Are we oppressed by troubles? Have we work to do and enemies to grapple with? God is our strength, to bear us up under our burdens, to fit us for all our services and sufferings; he will by his grace put strength into us, and on him we may stay ourselves. Are we in distress? He is a help, to do all that for us which we need, a present help, a help found (so the word is), one whom we have found to be so, a help on which we may write —It is tried, as Christ is called a tried stone. Or, a help at hand, one that never is to seek for, but that is always near. Or, a help sufficient, a help accommodated to every case and exigence; whatever it is, he is a very present help; we cannot desire a better help, nor shall ever find the like in any creature.”

So if you are going through some troubles today let’s join in with Martin Luther, David, and countless other saints who have sung this

Psalm. If you sing softly and pay close attention you may hear those songs from centuries gone by. Trouble often comes but trouble also is temporary. Our God is eternal and is a very present help in our lives today.


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