Psa. 110:3 Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth.

If you haven’t figured it out yet we have a huge heart problem. The tendency with most humans is that they have a basic concept of what they deem as right and wrong, somehow they have created in their own image. Even at that, there is no ability to follow through. Somehow, we always gravitate to the violation of even our own moral code. That is why we desperately need the gospel. The power of the gospel is not only the power to forgive us from our sins, it also has the ability to deal with the root of all of our problems; our will. In this verse David nails it, he said that God’s people would be ‘willing’ in the day of His power. That is the power of the gospel, the power touching the very nature of the human heart. Not only do we become willing to follow the Lord; it actually becomes our will and our pleasure to follow the Lord. Here is how John Pulsford said it in the 1800’s.

Thy people shall be willing. Willing to do what? They shall be willing while others are unwilling. The simple term “willing, “is very expressive. It denotes the beautiful condition of creatures who suffer themselves to be wrought upon, and moved, according to the will of God. They suffer God to work in them to will and to do. They are willing to die unto all sin, they are willing to crucify the old man, or self, in order that the new man, or Christ, may be formed in them. They are willing to be weaned from their own thoughts and purposes, that the thoughts and purposes of God may be fulfilled in them. They are willing to be transferred from nature’s steps of human descent to God’s steps of human ascent. Or, to abide by the simplicity of our text, God is Will, and they are “willing.” God will beautify them with salvation, because there is nothing in them to hinder his working. They will be wise, they will be good, they will be lovely, they will be like God, for they are “willing”; and there proceeds from God a mighty spirit, the whole tendency of which is to make his creatures like himself.”

What a radical plan; the Lord’s intention is to make us like Him. He does this by coming at the source of our problem, the human will. That is the most amazing thing about the Lord, now we want to live for Him. We have found Him and following Him has become the source of all pleasure.

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