God’s Strange Acts

Is. 28:21 For the Lord will rise up as on Mount Perazim; as in the Valley of Gibeon he will be roused;  to do his deed—strange is his deed and to work his work—alien is his work!

Too often we have a tendency to stretch the ‘decent and in order’ thing. Let’s face it, a lot of what God has done through history could be placed in that strange category. Creating man out of dirt, talking to Moses out of a bush on fire, filling Egypt with frogs and flies, parting the Red Sea, walking on water and healing someone’s ears with mud made out of spittle; that all sounds pretty weird. We have become numb to the radical nature of the works of God through history with our familiarity with the stories. If He ever does anything in church today, that church is labeled strange from the git-go. How do I know? I pastor one of those kind of churches. You know the laughing and speaking in tongues kind of church, pretty strange, huh? Or is it? If I am not mistaken, tongues was displayed publicly in Acts 2, Acts 10, and Acts 15. It was apparently part of the daily life of the church until man came up with better ideas. Here is an interesting clip about God’s strange acts from one of Maria Woolworth Etter’s Holy Ghost sermons.
“Since God is pouring out His Spirit in these last days of the Latter Rain, and His people are seeking and receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, with all the Pentecostal gifts and blessings, God has risen up, and is working His strange work, His strange acts, the acts of the apostles through God’s baptized saints.When the Holy Ghost came on the day of Pentecost like a rushing wind, this was His Strange Act…When they saw the tongues of fire on the heads of the hundred and twenty disciples, and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and begin to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave utterance, this was God’s strange act, His strange work. While Peter was preaching at the home of Cornelius, the Holy Ghost was poured out on all, and they spake with new tongues and magnified God. This was His strange work, His strange act. When the paralytic took up his bed and walked out, all the people shouted with a loud voice, giving glory to God. The fear of God fell on all. They walked softly, saying, “ We have seen strange things today.”
If you asked me, I think the church has quenched a lot of God’s strange works because of fear and embarrassment. I think it’s time for the rushing mighty wind and the tongues of fire and yes, even that blasted Pentecostal sign of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, publicly worshipping God in other tongues. The world is thirsty for the supernatural, not another slick presentation with empowerment formulas. Bring on the real Lord, even if it is a little strange.

4 Replies to “God’s Strange Acts”

  1. Yes we are peculiar people. In this world, but not of this world. No telling what amazing feats we are going to witness or do by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Power of Love ❤
    My only concern is what God thinks.



    Have a blessed day and filled DAY IN OUR KING OF KINGS, JESUS!!!! Whewhoo. 🙂

  3. I’ll take the God kind of strange any day over what’s going on in some of those buildings with cross’s displayed on them, posing as houses of God. When I go to “church”, I expect an intimate encounter, other wise it’s a waste of time.

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