Mark 1:41 Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand and touched him and said to him, “I will; be clean.”

This is the story of a leper, one of the many hopeless people healed by the touch of Jesus’ hand. This lonely man wondered if he would ever have a normal life again. It seemed like an eternity since he had enjoyed human love. To play with his kids, to hold his wife, or just hang out with his friends in his village, those days were gone a long time ago. Lepers were unclean, they were outcastes from their world. No one ever came back from the leper colonies. Leprosy was for all intents and purposes a death sentence.

The first ray of hope came the day this man heard about Jesus. It was rumored that miraculous power was working through Him. Maybe, just maybe, there was some hope for this leper. When Jesus was standing right in front of him he could hardly believe his eyes. The next thing he knew, Jesus touched him. There was love, acceptance, kindness, and miracle power in the touch of our Lord. This leper was getting a brand new life. Check out Maclaren’s thoughts on this story.

“Ever since his disease declared itself no human being had touched him. If he had a wife he had been separated from her; if he had children their lips had never kissed his, nor their little hands found their way into his hard palm. Alone he had been walking with the plague-cloth over his face, and the cry ‘Unclean!’ on his lips, lest any man should come near him. Skulking in his isolation, how he must have hungered for the touch of a hand! Every Jew was forbidden to approach him but the priest, who, if he were cured, might pass his hand over the place and pronounce him clean. And here comes a Man who breaks down all the restrictions, stretches a frank hand out across the walls of separation, and touches him. What a reviving assurance of love must have come to the man as Christ grasped his hand, even if he saw in Him only a stranger who was not afraid of him and did not turn from him!”

Maybe you feel rejected, hurt, and all alone. Jesus is coming near you today. Call out to him like the leper did. His touch will surely come, and when it does you too will know that you are loved.

2 Replies to “THE TOUCH OF LOVE”

  1. I Love this. I am at a place where I know so many people who are very ill, very hurt or damaged. All of us were in that same place under varying circumstances and once you ask Jesus into your heart the skies are bluer, the grass is greener and the birds are singing. I was a basically “nice” person before I got saved but I knew the difference in my Before and After. God is so Good and He wants nothing more than to have all of his children in His home. Say “YES” to Jesus today.

  2. Hay, I just want to encourage you to continue your blogs…esp. The ones right before Sunday’s word…I really like being prepared before the service…thanks, David.

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