Psa. 23:1 ¶  The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Is this promise literally true? Is it possible to live a life completely and totally satisfied? Is it possible to ever say I am  totally and completely satisfied. I have no want? This is apparently the very heart of the message of Jesus. He wasn’t promising earthly kingdoms. He wasn’t that kind of king. Jesus said on several occasions and in several ways that there was a place of total contentment found in Him. To the woman at the well He said that He had water to drink that would finally quench the thirst of her soul. To the enquirers after He fed the 5000, He said He was the bread that came down from heaven. He continued to say if you ate that bread, your hunger for life and purpose would be satisfied. Apparently, the key to this kind of completeness is contained within this call to intimacy. Christ Himself is the food that satisfies our souls. He is the Good Shepherd, when we come to Him all our wants are swallowed up. Here are some thoughts from Jonathan Edwards on today’s verse.

“The river that supplies the city of God, is a full and never-failing stream: there is enough, and it never is dry. And they that trust in God, and whose hope the Lord is, they shall be like trees “planted by the waters that spreadeth forth her roots, and shall not see when heat comes, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, nor shall cease from yielding fruit”. God has promised that he will never fail them, nor forsake them.

The people that has God amongst them, they have the fountain of all good in the midst of them. There is a full fountain, indeed an inexhaustible and infinite fountain, enough for the supply of everyone, under all their circumstances and necessities: whatever anyone wants, he may go to this fountain, and there he may have a supply. Such a people that have this God amongst them, may glory in him, and say, “The Lord is our shepherd

we shall not want”.

Have you found that place where every want is finally gone? There is only One who can do that, the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep. Maybe your heart is full of wants today If so, come to the green pasture, that special place next to the still waters. Lay down under the care of the Shepherd, soon you will be singing David’s song of satisfaction for yourself.

One Reply to “I SHALL NOT WANT”

    We sing HALLELUJAH!

    Good afternoon, Pastor Frank, HALLELUJAH. Have a blessed and FILLED DAY IN OUR KING OF KINGS, JESUS…. Whewhoo HALLELUJAH! 🙂

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