Is. 8:14 And he will become a sanctuary and a stone of offense and a rock of stumbling to both houses of Israel, a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. 

Most Christians know about having Christ in their hearts. What may not be quite as common is knowing that they actually are hidden in God themselves. Today’s verse says that God Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, becomes a sanctuary for us. He becomes our shelter in this world no matter what comes your way. What kinds of challenges are you facing? Have you or someone you love received a bad medical report? If so, you are hidden away in God and He happens to be known as the Great Physician. Or maybe you have been struggling with your finances, your daily provision. Here to, you can be encouraged. He is the source of our total supply and He happens to be quite nearby, as close to you as your skin. As a matter of fact Martin Smith sang that He is wrapped around us like a winter coat, you are hidden away in His care. Matthew Henry speaks powerfully about this verse in his commentary; check it out.
“He shall be for a sanctuary; make him your fear, and you shall find him your hope, your help, your defense, and your mighty deliverer. He will sanctify and preserve you. He will be for a sanctuary,” “To make you holy. He will be your sanctification;” so some read it. If we sanctify God by our praises, he will sanctify us by his grace. “To make you easy. He will be your sanctuary,” to which you may flee for safety, and where you are privileged form all the arrests of fear; you shall find an inviolable refuge and security in him, and see yourselves our of the reach of danger. Those that truly fear God shall not need to fear any evil.”
Henry sees this as a place of protection from the onslaught of the sins in this world. It often feels as if we are all alone in in the midst of a ferocious onslaught of sin and compromise. Here too, the Lord is with us. He is our sanctuary and He keeps us from the traps of the enemy. How can you take advantage of this promise in today’s verse? Practice His presence. Draw near to God and you will suddenly become aware of His nearness to you and your dearness to Him.


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