Psa. 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth!”

Sometimes I think it is hard for the Lord’s dutiful servants to receive impartation from the Lord. Christian workers tend to get fixated on programs, routines, principles, goals, performance… You get the idea. Working continually, praying, counseling, witnessing, administrating, serving. Sometimes we tend to act as if God’s work depends on us. If you haven’t figured it out yet; it doesn’t. The kingdom of God will be complete on this earth, our privilege is to be part of it. It’s success is not dependent on us and our performance.

How do I know this? Actually I am describing the corner I had painted myself into after pastoring in New Orleans for sixteen years. I had discipled, counseled, and led daily morning prayer for most of those sixteen years. We had done street evangelism, friendship evangelism, cell ministry, door to door ministry, hospital ministry, and too many other projects and programs to mention. I was exhausted.

Of course we had seen a lot of fruit in those years but I was done, running on empty. What was the problem? Dutiful servants forget how to receive. We can become so busy helping others and always having the answer for whatever comes up that we can no longer receive from God. Actually receiving from the Lord can be something we have forgotten, something we used to do a long time ago.

I am describing my condition in 1994, sixteen years of pastoring had drained the well dry for me. That’s when my life was turned upside down (or right side up) once again. In one morning (actually it spilled over into the afternoon) my life was radically changed. What happened? I fell into the river, got swallowed up by God, fell into a trance, got drunk on the new wine; whatever you want to call it. My receiver got fixed. I was sitting in a revival service when I somehow got it. I was the problem. I needed God too.

In that life changing moment it was as if a switch was turned on inside of me. I changed from the serving and pouring out mode into the receiving and drinking mode. In that instant my life was flooded with God. It was as sudden and dramatic as my salvation experience. I was experiencing my second conversion. I was being delivered from being a pastor, I was just a Christian again. Now don’t get me wrong, twenty one years later I am still pastoring the church in New Orleans. I am just not a professional anymore. I am just a Christian.

7 Replies to “DO, DO, DO”

  1. Amen. The same Word of God ministers to His people but with different circumstances. God gave me the same scripture in 1991. After many sleepless nights due to personal family devastations, God answered m prayers with that scripture. God is so so good. His mercies endures forever.

  2. We all seem to learn from God in diverse ways, just as we are all unique and at the same time have similar qualities to each other, some jump in over there head to start and some are toe dippers, with everything in between. The really great part is that God accepts us as we are and will work with our pace until we arrive at the point when we don’t want to “call the shots” anymore. This can be best described as “saturation”, one of the most unique and beautiful places. A place of intimate exchanges, a place that those who have been there can only describe as heaven on earth.



  4. This morning I was awakened and GOD begin to speak to me. Go and share your testimony with a friend who has been sick and tell him what GOD thru JESUS has done in my life. This happened days after I received a message for GOD written on a back of a truck TRUST IN THE LORD . ( after I lost my purse at the store and it was turned in by some honest person ) I repeated this message for days after and look what happened—–HE spoke to me and I received.

    THANK YOU LORD ( Thank you Pastor Frank for sharing that
    message with us)

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