ROM. 1:11 For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established;

I remember the first time I really gave attention to this scripture. It was a scripture shared with me by Dick Mills when he was planning a ministry trip to our church in New Orleans. For the first time I think I began to see the importance of spiritual impartation from the scriptures. Over the years impartation has played an extremely significant role in our ministry. Today, I want to reflect on several ways we can be impacted through spiritual impartation.

First, I think of the preaching of the word of God. Preaching is about more than just receiving good practical information. Preaching God’s word is one of the major ways we receive spiritual impartation into our lives. I think of the sermon Peter preached at Cornelius’s, the Roman Centurion’s house. Peter was preaching about the death and resurrection of Jesus when the atmosphere in the room suddenly changed. Everyone in the room began to be powerfully impacted by the anointing. God’s gift of the Holy Spirit was being imparted to everyone in the house through the spoken word.

Secondly, I think about the gift of prophesy. Many times throughout my Christian journey I have been powerfully impacted through a prophetic gift. I can remember sitting on the front row in a meeting near Dallas, Texas in August of 1994 when Rodney Howard Browne started to prophesy specifically to pastors who were in that meeting. As he prophesied under the anointing I felt as if someone was placing a literal coat upon my shoulders. I was receiving a powerful impartation through the gift of prophesy, my life and ministry were being permanently and dramatically changed.

Another tool the Lord often uses is corporate anointing. Recently we were in some meetings at our church near New Orleans when, during worship, a powerful anointing came into the room. Suddenly, almost everyone in the house was being impacted by the powerful presence of the Lord. I heard a report today how a young man, James Widener Jr, was powerfully touched and felt as if someone was piling boats on top of him while he was on the floor. He was trying to describe the heaviness often felt when God’s glory fills the room.

Finally, the spiritual impartation takes place through the laying on of hands. Jesus laid hands on people, the apostles often laid hands on people, and laying on of hands was actually treated as a doctrine of the early church. The laying on of hands transfers the anointing one person has received into other people’s lives. The key is for the right people to lay their hands on you.

So put yourself in an environment to receive from God. There is much He wants to add to our lives.

2 Replies to “IMPARTATION”

  1. Yes! Yes! And yes!
    Awesome blog!! I believe wholeheartedly in impartation and have experienced it over and over! Continually at Victory too! So thankful

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