Matt. 25:13 Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.
Are you ready for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? As Jesus said, “No man knows the day or the hour”. Since His coming will be sudden and unexpected we have to stay ready. In our fast paced world there are many distractions and obstacles to our faith that can dull us spiritually and cause us to be unprepared for His coming. Without spiritual sharpness it is easy for us to give in to the attitudes, beliefs, and spirit of the age. We have to stay vigilant so that the great day does not catch us unprepared. I was recently reading a book on Bible prophecy by Tim LaHaye that gave some powerful suggestions to keep us ready for that next great prophetic event, here is a brief summary of those ideas.

A. Know your Bible! The Bible is the truth of God, so the better you know the Scriptures, the better prepared you will be to withstand Satan’s deceptive ways. The daily reading of the Scriptures, particularly the New Testament, is a must for every Christian who would know truth….

B. Test the spirits! Another important question to ask is, What do you believe about Jesus? Most false teachers have a faulty view of Jesus. Never trust any teacher who does not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, His sinless life, sacrificial death, bodily resurrection, and His promise to come again physically to this earth. Always ask, Does the message or teaching glorify Jesus?

C. Seek God’s guidance in life and teaching! The Lord wants to guide and direct His children. If you are willing to be led by God, He will guide you to truth.

D. Avoid immorality! Nothing clouds the mind like lust and sin. They impair the reasoning of the mind on matters eternal.

E. Share your faith aggressively with others! This world has never been more religiously confused. As you witness to others about your faith, you strengthen your own convictions and help many of those to whom you reach out.

F. Walk in the spirit! All Christians in every age should walk in the Spirit, for Paul says that is “the will of the Lord”. As the Spirit fills and uses your life, He will make you sensitive to both truth and error.”
So go ahead and check yourself.The only way you really know that you are ready is if you have a joyful expectancy for His coming. So look up, the signs of His coming are everywhere, our redemption is at hand !!!

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