Psa. 84:1 ¶ How lovely is your dwelling place,

O LORD of hosts!
This Psalm is titled, Gittith, “For the Winepresses’. That is similar to the meaning of Gethsemane (oil press), the infamous garden that Jesus spent His last evening in with His followers. Like Jesus, David was familiar with God’s winepress. David had it right, how lovely is your dwelling place O Lord. You see what makes our life beautiful is not the comfort of our present situation. What makes our life beautiful is this, God is present with us. Jesus wrestled with God in Gethsemane. He was being squeezed in God’s winepress. What was the fruit of that night? The fruit was calvary, the empty tomb, and a great harvest of souls. David was also familiar with the uncomfortable wine press of God. David also bore fruit from being squeezed by God, he was transformed into the greatest of worshippers and song writers that has effected every generation since his time. Here are some thoughts from Augustine on today’s passage.

“This Psalm is entitled, “For the winepresses.” The grape hangs on the vines, and the olive on its trees. For it is for these two fruits that presses are usually made ready; and as long as they hang on their boughs, they seem to enjoy free air; and neither is the grape wine, nor the olive oil, before they are pressed. Thus it is with men whom God predestined before the world to be conformed to the image of His only-begotten Son, who has been first and especially pressed in His Passion, as the great Cluster. Men of this kind, therefore, before they draw near to the service of God, enjoy in the world a kind of delicious liberty, like hanging grapes or olives:…He hath the coverings of carnal desires stripped off from him, like grape-skins: for this hath taken place in him in carnal desires, of which the Apostle speaks, “Put ye off the old man, and put on the new man.” All this is not done but by pressure: therefore the Churches of God of this time are called winepresses.”
So have you been to God’s winepress lately? Augustine said it was God’s church. It is in church where we hear God’s word, struggle to yield, and then are pressed in our interaction with the body of Christ. His dwelling place is lovely, it just may take you a while to see it.

One Reply to “WINEPRESS”

  1. I truly look forward to seeing how much God changes my life! He took my alcohol addiction,smoking addiction,fornicating in the flesh,committing adultry in the flesh,gambling addiction,strip club addiction,and etc. God has replaced these desires with serving him! But not in a religious manner. It’s out of love for him that my service as a disciple of Jesus Christ continues!

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