The mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands

Isaiah 55:12

As I write this devotion this morning I am near Robert, Louisiana at our annual men’s retreat at Solomon’s Retreat Center. I went for my morning walk/run and put on my head phones to listen to some worship as I went through my morning routine. I decided to take off the headphones and realized that the morning was already full of song. It was not only melodious, it was the sound of worship. There was the song birds bursting out into full song as well as the bullfrogs adding their bass sounds to the chorus. You could also hear the steady rhythm of the crickets and the occasional trumpet like blast of the rooster. The squirrels would also add in their poetic interludes as they were greeting the Lord and His new day. Creation is praising her God calling out to us to join in to the celebration. Actually, our lives themselves are a song to the glorification of God’s grace. What we used to be and what we are becoming brings great glory to God. How can I be silent when the creatures are crying out His praise?!  Here are some thoughts from Spurgeon on the song of the redeemed.

“When sin is pardoned, our greatest sorrow is ended, and our truest pleasure begins. Such is the joy which the LORD bestows upon His reconciled ones, that it overflows and fills all nature with delight. The material world has latent music in it, and a renewed heart knows how to bring it out and make it vocal. Creation is the organ, and a gracious man finds out its keys, lays his hand thereon, and wakes the whole system of the universe to the harmony of praise. Mountains and hills, and other great objects, are, as it were, the bass of the chorus; while the trees of the wood, and all things that have life, take up the air of the melodious song.”

The Lord loves the singing of His earthly creatures as well as the adoration of all the angels in heaven. The one sound He loves and even longs for more than all the others is the sound of worship from those He created in His own image. He redeemed us from the horrors of our fall when He became one of us. He purchased us from our sins with His own blood. Now He waits, seated at the Father’s right hand. He is sitting patiently waiting for the joyful songs birthed by redemption to come before His glorious throne.

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