Worship God.

We get more than we bargained for when we pray, way more!!! It is just like this; we come to the Lord with our prayer request. It may be financial, family related or health issues and all we are looking for is some relief, we want our circumstances to change. The Lord has bigger things in mind, He is after us. He uses this opportunity to get at our hearts. How does He do this? When we begin to pray and become more earnest because of the greatness of our need, He comes to us Himself. Sure, He hears and answers our request but He comes to us Himself with His presence. That’s how we get more than we were looking for. God Himself shows Himself in our lives. Could that be the real reason the Lord allows certain things to happen in our lives? Maybe the circumstances that we were so troubled over were just His way to get at our hearts. Changing the circumstances is easy for the Lord, its that heart thing that often proves to be a little more difficult. Here are some thoughts fro Andrew Murray on this very matter.
“What might be the reason that prayer is not for us a greater joy and delight? How can we bring down the power and the blessing on those for whom we pray?

The primary answer is undoubtedly that our experience of the presence of God is too limited. When we pray, we do our experience of the presence of God is too limited. When we pray, we do not seek after His presence with all our hearts. We think mostly of our need, our weakness, our desire, our prayer. We forget that in every prayer God must be first and foremost. To seek Him, to find Him, to linger in His presence, is the approach that gives prayer its inspiration.

How then can you acquire an intimate experience of the presence of God in your communion with Him? The answer is quite simple: Believe with your whole heart that He offers Himself as the listener. Give God the opportunity to make Himself known to you when you approach Him in prayer. You will never discover this, however, if you do not take time to have genuine fellowship with God. The power of prayer does not lie in the number or earnestness of the words you use, but in a living faith that God Himself accepts both you and your prayer into His loving heart.”
So don’t be surprised if today when you pray you receive even more that you hoped. The Lord begins to orchestrate the circumstances in your life to answer your prayer; but even better, He comes Himself to show you His glory.


  1. My friends prayer to God for me is not regularly scheduled. Sometimes its in the morning, afternoon, evening, at night, in the shower, while going to sleep, while driving, during the week, on the weekend, on holidays, when sick, while in church, and etc. But truly do my prayers go up before God in Jesus Christ’s name! The answer isn’t always instantly received though! But eventually a yes or no is given.

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